Four steps for intimate hygiene that men need to add to their routine

Men, here's your guide to keep skin disorders at bay
Men's hygiene matters
Men's hygiene matters

Intimate hygiene is not just a women’s domain. Poor intimate hygiene in men can also lead to serious health issues including fungal infections, herpes, candidiasis, male thrush, balanitis, and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Today, there are various men’s intimate hygiene products available in the market which can help maintain intimate hygiene and prevent these serious conditions with regular use. Vikas Bagaria, Founder, Pee Safe gives you some basics of personal care for men.

Grooming is important

A regular trim and shave are important to keep the pubic area clean and in good hygiene. Make sure you clean your genitals well with warm water before and after shaving. Ensure that you use new razors every time. If using an electric shaver, make sure that you clean the razor head both before and after use. Wipe the skin around your groin and anus with a clean, soft cloth that does not leave any fibres that may irritate your skin. Do not use chemical-based hair removal products as they may damage your sensitive skin.

Keep it squeaky clean

The genitalia is often the most neglected parts of the body in men. The penis and the groins collect a lot of dirt, sweat and are prone to infections and rash. It is imperative to wash your penis with plain water every time after urinating. Pull back the foreskin and wash the head of the penis and the insides of the foreskin thoroughly. This will prevent the build-up of smegma- a whitish substance that leaves out an unpleasant odour. A good-quality men’s intimate wash can come in handy, particularly when you are travelling.

Wear it right

Always use good-quality underwear that is well-fitted and neither too tight nor too loose. Cotton blends allow your private parts to breathe and synthetic materials may cause excessive sweating and moisture build-up. This can lead to irritation, burning, and itching.

Before and after

Wash your penis and other areas before and after sexual intercourse. This will prevent any infections that your partner may be carrying or even otherwise.

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