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Here are nine reasons to add jaggery to your diet, pronto!

This Indian superfood helps with everything from blood purification to menstrual cramps

Published on 16th October 2020

Facebook introduces Emotional Health tool in India

The centre was launched this week to help people cope with growing mental health issues in the pandemic

Published on 10th October 2020

Mental Health Day 2020: Three ways to find calm in under three minutes

How to go from overwhelm to zen

Published on 10th October 2020

Twitter India's new emoji for World Mental Health Day encourages people to share their experiences

The emoji will be live until October 16 and can be generated by using any of the hashtags while Tweeting: #WMHD2020, #WorldMentalHealthDay, #LetsTalk, #MentalHealthForAll, #MentalHealth and more

Published on 10th October 2020

Health: Actor Archana Singh Rajput believes in organic wellness

Actor Archana Singh Rajput has never had a facial and prefers ice instead

Published on 9th October 2020

Facebook launches an Emotional Health resource centre to cope with growing mental health issues 

The resource will be available globally, with locally relevant information from mental health officials

Published on 7th October 2020
Tamannaah Bhatia

COVID-19: Tamannaah discharged from Hyderabad hospital, shares health update

Tamannaah Bhatia, who recently tested COVID-19 positive, has been discharged from the local hospital she was admitted to. The actress will live in isolation as advised by doctors.

Published on 5th October 2020

Fans express concern over Sanjay Dutt's health after a new photo goes viral

A new viral picture of actor Sanjay Dutt has fans worried about his health.

Published on 5th October 2020

Can pasta be part of a healthy weight loss plan? Shikha Mahajan thinks so

Metabolism specialist Shikha Mahajan busts some myths about carb-loading

Published on 3rd October 2020
Google Pixel 4A

Citing mental health concerns, Google turns off automatic face retouching for selfies in Pixel phones

The face retouching options are available in the camera app of Pixel smartphones, but turned off by default

Published on 2nd October 2020

Pooja Banga shares practical ways to include natural sugar in your diet

Natural sugars can sort out a lot of your diet woes

Published on 30th September 2020

Recipe: Boost your immunity with this delicious iced paan latte

Betel nut leaves are rich in iron and calcium and have several other health benefits

Published on 22nd September 2020

Here is why you need to add okra to your grocery list right now!

This vegetable is a great option for diabetics owing to its low glycemic index

Published on 17th September 2020

Thirty minutes of walking each day can make a world of difference to your health

Thirty minutes of this simple exercise each day can help with stress-busting, immunity and improved digestion

Published on 10th September 2020

Keep your skin naturally healthy with actor Paras Tomar’s new show

Your kitchen and refrigerator has everything you need for a glowing skin, says Paras Tomar

Published on 16th September 2020

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