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Whip up these mango recipes by Chef Sabyasachi Gorai for a delicious summer

Both these dishes are ideal to beat the summer heat in a healthy way

Published on 2nd June 2020

On World Milk Day, raise a glass to boost immunity

Boost immunity by including milk and other dairy products in your diet

Published on 1st June 2020

Hyderabad’s Coco Works is bottling coconut water and cold-pressed juices to rustle up healthy thirst quenchers  

It might remind you of your childhood memories of standing at the corner of your house, sipping on refreshing coconut water from a local seller in the sweltering heat!

Published on 26th May 2020

Recipe: Ever considered putting pizza toppings on your dosa?

This recipe is a fun twist on two of our favourite foods, and it's super healthy as well!

Published on 22nd May 2020

Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone partners with Instagram to curate a Wellness Guide

With Instagram’s new feature, Guides, know more about your favourite stars


Published on 18th May 2020

Permanent work from home could damage worker's mental health, says Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

In an interaction with The New York Times, Nadella said that an all-remote setup would be "replacing one dogma with another dogma"

Published on 18th May 2020
Keith Urban (Photo: IANS)

Keith Urban performs for over 200 COVID-19 healthcare workers at drive-in movie theatre 

Singer Keith Urban recently performed for more than 200 healthcare workers from Vanderbilt Health at Stardust Drive-In movie theatre outside Nashville, Tennessee. 

Published on 17th May 2020

Recipe: These golden sabudana vadas make for the perfect evening snack

Maharaj Jodharam Choudhary, corporate chef of Khandani Rajdhani shows us how

Published on 16th May 2020

Recipe: Dosa cutlets for dinner, anyone?

This recipe is healthy, quick and a fun twist on a traditional South Indian staple

Published on 15th May 2020

Dr Gowri Kulkarni helps in fixing your erratic sleeping pattern

Dr Gowri Kulkarni tells us how to beat insomnia and fix our sleep pattern during quarantine 

Published on 15th May 2020

Aditi Mammen Gupta set to launch vegan, health and wellness brand Origin Nutrition

And she's kicking things off with a chocolate-flavoured vegan protein powder, which will be available post-lockdown

Published on 13th May 2020

Go 'nuts' over good health, with Walnut Day around the corner

We've got three recipes that are as delicious as they are full of goodness

Published on 14th May 2020

Green tea vs Black tea: Which is a better immunity booster?

Amitava Sarkar, President Health Foods, SastaSundar.com tells us about the benefits of green and black tea

Published on 14th May 2020
Brown Bread Company

Get your kale smoothie to go now with this new health café inside a gym

Now your trainer can actually help you watch what you eat. This new health café is within a gym in Nungambakkam

Published on 26th January 2018

Five small changes for bigger health benefits during lockdown

Kimaye Health- INI Farms suggests five changes in your daily routine to stay fit

Published on 13th May 2020

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