From pet care to home décor Qtrove has organic options for all your needs

If you are looking for organic products for your pets, little ones and yourself, then look no further

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Candy Imli Pop

From fresh bakery goods to organic hand made soaps, discover a world of unique products at Qtrove


Pet Products

Dog Spray

This anti-tick spray is made of plant extracts and aromatic oils that keep your beloved pets healthy, clean and fresh. It is considered one of the best tick spray for dogs in India. While it keeps the dogs, tick and mite-free, it also nourishes their skin, keeps them fresh and works as a perfume for them.

Fleece Dog Blanket

Made with high-quality fleece that will keep your dog warm during the harsh winter months, it is ideal for sleeping or just putting on the sofa where your pet likes to relax.

Home-baked Carob Treats

It is a perfect mix of ingredients to make every dog gloat. Carob is natural and 100% safe and is rich in vitamins and makes for a dog-friendly snack. Gluten free, preservative free, dairy free, sugar-free, salt-free is also some of its qualities.

Baby Care Products

Supersoft Cover Diaper

Best suited for day-time diapering. It comes with a cover. You change the soaker and reuse the outer. Very economical diapering option. With every change, it is a fresh clean fabric that touches the baby’s skin. The diaper has a waterproof outer shell and comes with 1 Stay-dry soaker.

Baby Cereal Ragi

Made with Organic Ragi (Finger Millet), Milk solids, Salt, Vitamins, Minerals, Soyabean oil and Alpha Amylase, Baby Cereal Ragi is pre- cooked and easily digestible.

Organic Baby Bath Powder

These are made of organic, safe and pure herbs and pulses to give a wholesome bath experience. These baby bath powders leave the skin petal soft and fragrant.

Natural Dyed Jhabla              

These are 100% Cotton natural dyed Jhablas that are soft, comfortable and non-allergen.


General Products

Acne and Oil Control Scrub

Essential oils like frankincense, tea tree and rosemary that clean your skin pores, kills bacteria and helps in cell regeneration.  It is useful in acne control, oil control, dark spot reduction, even skin tone and improves complexion.

Growth and Glow Hair Serum

All-in-one oil to treat all your hair conditions, this serum is available in small batches. Helps in regular hair problems like hair loss, split ends, dry hair, dandruff, frizziness and scalp infection.

Heart Care Health Drink

The combined goodness of ingredients in the drink helps in managing cholesterol levels and keeping your heart healthy apart from aiding in losing weight, enhancing digestion, managing blood sugar levels.