Here’s your monsoon hair care checklist from expert Adhuna Bhabani

Monsoon At-Home Haircare: Simple Quaran-Fixes To Combat Frizz And Keep Hair Healthy

author_img F Khatoon Published :  23rd June 2020 03:36 PM   |   Published :   |  23rd June 2020 03:36 PM

Washing your hair properly is the key to healthy mane

As much as some of us may enjoy getting wet in the rains, the lockdown has got us sitting by our windows and enjoy the beautiful rains, a hot cup of tea in tow, from the comfort of our homes. But while the monsoons can mean a lot of things for everyone, we all share one thing in common – humidity causing frizz! No one enjoys the undue grease and frizzy hair. While home remedies and DIY hair hacks have come to be our allies in the lockdown but more often than not, solutions on the internet can turn into absolute fails, as every individual’s hair is different. We consulted BBLUNT Founder and Creative Director, Adhuna Bhabani to share expert-approved monsoon hacks to include in your daily hair care routine, to manage your hair effortlessly at home.

Quarantine Monsoon Check List:

A quick and convenient solution to overcome any hair problem and maintain the mane well is to include the right products in your hair arsenal. Ensure these are picked out carefully to cater to your hair and scalp type as well as combat the specific weather concerns. Read on to know simple ways to prevent dryness and tackle frizz that accompanies the monsoons:

The correct wash routine: Rushing to go where we needed to be meant we didn’t take time to really cleanse our scalp, let alone condition our strands well. So take enough time, now that you have it, for a hair wash but avoid frequent hair washes or over-washing your hair. A healthy scalp is as important as a healthy mane, so ensure you shampoo twice or thrice a week to gently cleanse it. Be sure to always follow up a shampoo with a conditioner. You can try BBLUNT’s Intense Moisture Range which is enriched with Jojoba and Vitamin E which works together to strengthen each strand of hair from root to tip, locks in the moisture and prevents hair from drying out. Important tip: While the shampoo is meant for your scalp, the conditioner is for the mid-lengths and ends only. 

Invest in an all-weather Anti Frizz Leave-in Cream: Given the current scenario, stepping out in the rains may seem unlikely but the humidity in the air can cause an absolute hair-havoc! Our product range offers a versatile Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream – I swear by it and use it by the bucketful! What makes it great is that It allows you to wear your hair naturally, by enhancing its natural movement. 

Limit the use of heated tools: Staying housebound has in a way hinted at a break from frequent heat styling, chemical treatments, and for some even colouring your hair. It’s a sign to let your hair breathe. The monsoons make for an even more ideal time to limit the use of heated tools and embrace the natural texture of your hair. Giving it the much-needed detox it craves. However, should you have to succumb to styling with heated tools for those occasional Zoom birthday calls or virtual game nights with friends, be sure to prep your hair with BBLUNT’s Hot Shot Heat Protecting Hair Mist, which is enriched with Grapeseed Oil and Provitamin B5, the perfect prep to ready your hair before styling. It works as a shield to protect your hair from heat up to 230-degree C. 

Deep conditioning: Lastly, regardless of your texture and hair type, a pro-hack is a deep conditioning treatment to maintain hair health and keep the tresses looking well-nourished. Fret not, even though you have limited access to your stylists and favourite salons, Adhuna lets us in on a hack to replicate the same experience at home - begin by cleansing your scalp and then massaging your conditioner in circulating motions through your mid-lengths. Wrap a hot towel for 15 minutes and voila! Therefore, do away with hair woes this monsoon by having in place a monsoon hair care regime that ensures your locks remain frizz-free catering to keeping them healthy.