Here’s how to keep your hair fall woes at bay this monsoon

We handpick a bunch of products that might help in maintaining the natural health of your hair and scalp
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For representational purpose

If there’s an unfavourable season for hair, it’s got to be monsoon. Humidity coupled with dust and pollution, along with stress, conspire to attack our mane. And the result is frizzy, sticky and damp hair. That’s not all. The season also brings the most dreadful condition – hair fall. However, if one chooses their haircare products wisely, a lot of these woes can be avoided. We handpick a bunch of products that might help in maintaining the natural health of your hair and scalp.      

Keratin kick

We all know how important keratin is for our hair and regular intake of the component makes for a healthy mane. Check out The Skin Story’s Sulfate Free Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner that’s rich in Argan Oil, Vitamin E, and Keratin protein. All three ingredients are excellent for healthy hair.

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Oil therapy

A good hair massage with oil is also a great way to keep your mane’s health in check. A lot of oils have been crafted to address the problem of hair fall. For instance, Moha’s 5-in-1 Hair Oil. Enriched with five types of oils — coconut, almond, jojoba, argan, and rusmari — it revitalises the hair and scalp. If you are looking for an Ayurvedic potion, then check out Dromen & Co’s Ayurvedic Hair Brew Oil. This blend is a fusion of 15 herbs, which helps protect the hair and scalp.

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Pack of goodness

Following a regular hair care routine is essential and weekly or monthly care is of utmost importance. While there are scores of hair masks available in the market, you can check out homegrown brand Flawsome’s Kinky Berries Moisturising & Strengthening Hair Mask. Toxin-free, eco-conscious and cruelty-free, this mask is designed to fight damage caused by free particles and other environmental factors. Glycerin, purified water, and the ceto stearyl alcohol in it aid in keeping your tresses stress-free.

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Spa treatment

While the focus is on hair, we should never forget our scalp. A healthy scalp will ensure healthy roots and a hair spa every month is recommended. Also if going to the salon is a problem for you, then you should try this fuss-free Amrutam’s Kuntal Care- Do-It-Yourself Hair Spa Travel Pack. This natural spa range revitalises your scalp and helps in strengthening hair roots. It is also beneficial in controlling hair loss, promoting hair regrowth and keeping your hair healthy.

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Have some shots

Hair fall can be a nightmare and if you are experiencing it this season, then we recommend going for oil shots, which are more effective in controlling the condition. Try Brillare’s Hair Fall Control Oil Shots, which has gotten excellent reviews. These booster oil shots are a comprehensive solution for stronger hair and scalp. Its key ingredients: coffee seed, onion seed, basil oil, and geranium oil strengthen the scalp and prevent breakage.

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