What does your signature indicate about your personality?

For over two decades, graphologist Sudhir Kove has been changing innumerable lives through his prowess in signature analysis

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Representational image only

Representational image only

As far as determining personalities go, the lines and curves of a person’s signature do for Sudhir Kove what a smile and a conversation would for a layman. It is a question of simply understanding letters and angles for the renowned graphologist to be able to wield his life-altering magic.“By tweaking your handwriting, you can reprogramme your subconscious mind and influence self-limiting behaviour and attitude,” he says. For over two decades, Kove has been changing innumerable lives through his prowess in signature analysis.

“Every profession demands a different kind of signature,” he says, breaking down the mechanics of a personal scrawl. “If your work has a public persona, a bigger signature is better as it makes the image appear pronounced and healthy in public. If you are someone who lives by his or her own code of ethics, then an underscore lining your signature will help. The way you strengthen your signature depends on your strengths, upbringing, mindset, profession and challenges. It is a very subjective premise. Every signature has its advantages and disadvantages. It depends on what you achieve and the circumstances you are living in,” he says.

Kove began practising the art of signature analysis professionally in 2010 and since then has been streamlining the strokes of head honchos and corporate majors on paper to make them strike gold. A seasoned hand at interpreting the pivotal nuances of signature as a  medium of self-expression, he 
has cultivated and honed his ability over the years with amazing precision. The beneficiaries are tremendous if the 10,000 followers (and still growing) on his YouTube channel, and over 12 lakh views on the informative videos, innumerable workshops and seminars both in India and abroad are an indicator of his success. 

He has trained more than 5,000 students, performed over 10,000 analyses, and conducted more than 500 online sessions over just the past two years. Kove’s expertise also extends to timepiece corrections and scientific logo designing. It was in fact while researching letters and how they were shaped by different individuals that he observed a link between the type of wristwatch worn and the wearer’s personality. He discovered that he was able to make accurate predictions and tangible suggestions based on his perceptions, thus pioneering the concept of wristwatch therapy in the country.

However, the phenomenon of wristwatch therapy offers more than it seems to let on. It of course involves wearing the right watch, suited for one personally, for their overall well-being, but it also entails a lot more.

“It is not just about a wristwatch but anything you wear on your body. It is about all the things that adhere to your skin. Everything carries significance. This makes wristwatch therapy dynamic enough to help cure diseases, get promotions at work and even improve relationships,” he says. Kove believes that a close sync between signature analysis and timepiece therapy works to position individuals for successful innings. Claiming to have swung the fortunes of several companies through corrective logos and communication, Kove follows a three-pronged approach to guarantee success. “Every logo has a certain shape that carries a certain meaning. In Vaastu Shastra, a square or rectangle is considered auspicious, unlike a circular or triangular form. The way your logo is created and placed on your card, company board or website interprets in your subconscious mind. When we create a logo for your company, it involves designing a scientific balance, keeping shapes, colours, fonts and placement in mind such that the company grows and profits,” the world’s first scientific logo designer explains.

“The old Videocon logo had a sharp angular V: analytical and good at technical understanding. The cohesive black colour established authenticity. The new logo was a soft-curvy V that lost analytical ability. The colour green showed its adaptable nature. The revised logo brought in losses of Rs 40,000 crore over 10 years. This is how the logo has the power to change the fortune of a company,” he says.
Pearl of wisdom? “There is just one rule in the universe that there is no rule. Never limit yourself. Everything is possible if you are persistent, consistent and desperate to achieve whatever you want to achieve. Your goal will manifest.”


Extroverts have a bigger signature, with a diameter of small ‘a’ and ‘o’ more than 5 mm

Those who cut the lines while writing on the ruled paper are rebels by nature

If the signature slants to the right, the person speaks his/her mind

Introverts have signatures slanting to the left

Those filling a’s and o’s or like to doodle are passionate about cleanliness


A guide to wearing your timepiece in keeping with the novel wristwatch therapy:

✥ Women wearing small sized wristwatches can invite gynaecological issues
✥ Avoid wearing a belt with big holes as it causes drainage of energy and resources
✥ Discard non-functional watches to efface challenges at work
✥ Skip investing in pendulum watches. They create disharmony.
✥ When gifting a watch, ensure it is worn by the person for a mutually harmonious relationship