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It's not just you. Monday blues also hamper your Amazon delivery

Research reveals that process interruptions that occur when operations are shut down over the weekend,

Published on 3rd March 2020

Trend report: Food delivery apps are now driving the rise of 'dark' kitchens across India

First things first. Food in the so-called 'dark' kitchens are not cooked with the lights switched off. They are called so primarily because of their delivery-only model.

Published on 16th February 2020

Nuro's autonomous self-driving delivery vehicle gets go-ahead to roll in Texas

Nuro has been testing the prior version of its delivery vehicle in Arizona and uses self-driving Toyota Prius cars for deliveries in Houston.

Published on 8th February 2020

Indian online food delivery market growing rapidly, to hit $8bn by 2022

The rapid digitisation and growth in both online buyer base and offline spending will help achieve this number

Published on 29th January 2020

Ferns N Petals becomes first brand to launch Alexa Skill for gift delivery in Asia

In Phase 1, Alexa Skill will be launched for existing customers who have an account with Ferns N Petals and have a saved address in their profile. 

Published on 28th January 2020

37% of Swiggy's part-time delivery partners are students working to fund their education

The food delivery app recently conducted a poll to discover the various aspirations and motivations of its delivery partners 

Published on 10th January 2020
Fake food shops on Swiggy, Zomato; users in distress (Source: IANS)

Food apps alert! Fake outlets thrive on Swiggy and Zomato, leaving users in distress

How are fake, spurious and closed restaurants and food shops are being allowed on food delivery platforms that have become a nuisance for users, frequently leaving them in anguish?

Published on 4th January 2020

Reports indicate that former Amazon CFO was killed by company's delivery van in 2013

News reveals that drivers delivering Amazon packages had been involved in more than 60 crashes this year

Published on 26th December 2019
SpaceX Dragon capsule at the ISS (NASA via AP)

SpaceX makes early holiday delivery of 'mighty mice,' worms, robot to space station

SpaceX made an early holiday delivery to the International Space Station on Sunday, dropping off super muscular “mighty mice,” pest-killing worms and a smart, empathetic robot.

Published on 8th December 2019

India's first 'home food' delivery app serves everything from Curd rice to Chicken Vindaloo

That means affordable pricing and those who are working far from home and homesick — a chance to get your hands on a plate of delicious food from your region, just the way your mom makes it

Published on 30th September 2019
Amazon. (File Photo: IANS)

Amazon's cute all-electric 'adora-bot' robots roll-out delivery service in California

Cute six-wheeled delivery robots from e-commerce giant Amazon are now gradually rolling their way into the Californian neighbourhood.

Published on 11th August 2019
A fondant cake at their event

This online venture connects with Kerala’s top home bakers at the Great Kochi Bake Show

For emerging bakers, it’s all about networking and showcasing their patisserie prowess

Published on 5th April 2019

Chennai-based brand, The Table, now serves their decadent jar treats in Kochi

The goods are eco-friendly as each portion comes in a glass jar with a wooden spoon inside a paper bag.

Published on 21st June 2019
Pic from Facebook

From ghar pe khana to ghar ka khana: Swiggy forays into homemade food with Swiggy Daily

Swiggy will tie-up with home chefs, tiffin service providers and organised vendors for Daily

Published on 3rd June 2019

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