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Hariharan and Leslee Lewis

Colonial Cousins are back!

The ’90s music superstars, Hariharan and Leslee Lewis, are working on a new single! They speak to us about creating music organically without falling prey to market demands.

Published on 10th February 2023
The members of the band

This city-based band takes the stage with its mix of blues, jazz and rock tunes

The band will perform a mix of its originals and covers

Published on 21st October 2022

Do away with your Friday blues at Skinny Mo’s Jazz Club

Boogie Chillen’ will stomp their way into your hearts and enthral you with their menagerie of blues

Published on 1st July 2022

Grab a Scoop of Love from Piccadilly Square to do away with monsoon blues

The new range of flavours is fruity, vivid and flavourful

Published on 24th June 2022
Priyam Shah and Bhoomi Dani is trying to bring together everything made by hand from natural materials by local artisans.

Of rhythm and blues: Inside the home of Vraj:bhoomi’s owners

The home of clothing label Vraj:bhoomi owners, Bhoomi Dani and Priyam Shah, is not only about celebrating raw beauty, but also a reflection of the brand’s ethos and design philosophy

Published on 12th June 2022
sourav chakraborty

Actor- Filmmaker Sourav Chakraborty's hands are full with several new releases

The actor will be soon seen in Swet Kali and Fataash

Published on 3rd May 2022
A still from the short film 'INA'.

The many ‘blues’ of motherhood

Rajeev Vijay’s recent short film ‘INA’ addresses the concerns of a new mother dealing with postpartum depression

Published on 15th April 2022
The Bluest Eye review

Of forgotten black souls

Through The Bluest Eye, Nobel winning author Toni Morrison forged a new path in literature by putting black girls at the centre

Published on 15th February 2022

Covid blues

Rise in cases, curbs, curfews, and a sense of being stuck indoors...all of this has left many in the city feeling low at the start of the year 

Published on 12th January 2022
Dance therapy

Dance away your pandemic blues with dance/movement therapy (DMT)

Dance therapy is here and how! We speak to movement therapists, performers and students of dance to find out how the art form can enable, enrich and heal in this time of isolation. 

Published on 11th June 2021
Sukoon-E-Sanam by SANAM

Sanam band’s new playlist in association with Saregama is all you need to beat the lockdown blues

Titled Sukoon-E-Sanam, the playlist brings together a collection of evergreen tracks that has been famously recreated by the band Sanam.

Published on 28th May 2021
Iced-tea cocktails for summers

Recipes: Try these DIY Iced-Tea Cocktails to beat the summer blues

These iced-tea cocktails will not only help cool your body, but are also fun to make with simple ingredients at home

Published on 10th June 2021
Penne Pasta Cream Cheese Recipe

Recipe: Drive away your mid-week blues with some luscious pasta 

Dedicate this week to Italian cuisine and rustle up some delicious pasta at home

Published on 2nd June 2021

Recipe: Beat mid-week blues with these seven cocktails  

Want to make bar-like cocktails at home? Check out these recipes:

Published on 3rd June 2021

Recipe: Drive away your mid-week blues with these cold coffee sips

Try these cold coffees this Summer and beat the heat

Published on 5th May 2021

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