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Classic Jazz: Celebrate International Jazz Day at Broadway Hotel

Indulge in Broadway's old-world charm

Published on 29th April 2022
Louis Banks

Jazz is the most democratic music in the world: says Louis Banks 

Ahead of International Jazz Day on April 30, we caught up with the godfather of jazz music in India to reflect on his illustrious career as a musician

Published on 29th April 2022
MR Jagadeesh

International Jazz Day: Bengaluru’s jazz musicians talk about the significance of the genre today 

The city's jazz community comes together for a two-day festival

Published on 29th April 2022
Antoine Karacostas Trio

Antoine Karacostas breaks down his unique mix of rebetiko, American jazz and Oriental sounds

His trio, which comprises Gabriel Midon on double bass and Simon Bernier on drums, heads to Bengaluru this weekend

Published on 22nd April 2022

Hola Hyderabad: Sundowner and all that jazz

Published on 15th April 2022
Vivek Santosh and Varijashree Venugopal

Varijashree Venugopal and Vivek Santosh blend Carnatic with jazz in a live concert in Bengaluru

The duo, with their varied backgrounds, and diverse sensibilities, come together for a performance

Published on 25th March 2022

New collabs, jazzy edits and plans for an accessories label kept Abhishek Dutta busy in 2020

With new collaborations, jazzy collections and prep for a new accessories label, it has been a busy year indeed for couturier Abhishek Dutta

Published on 24th December 2021
The roaring 20s’ jazz, 50s’ rock, hip-hop of the 70s — any era you pick is only one song away from you. Reversing to retro rhythms

Reversing to retro rhythms

The roaring 20s’ jazz, 50s’ rock, hip-hop of the 70s — any era you pick is only one song away from you.

Published on 14th December 2021
Bollyjazz band

Delhi-based band Bollyjazz will enliven your evening at CC and FC on Dec 4

Kick off the winter festive season with a high octane musical night with Bollyjazz at CC&FC

Published on 26th November 2021

Musicians from MoonArra, are the latest guests on the celebrated Watford Jazz Junction Podcast

The Watford Jazz Junction Podcast is one of the world’s most popular jazz commentary podcasts

Published on 18th November 2021
DElhi band The Revisit Project

Delhi-based funk/jazz fusion band The Revisit Project, steals the show

From contemporary renditions of Bollywood classics to crafting original music

Published on 29th October 2021
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite to have three colour options: Tuscany coral, jazz blue and vinyl black

Xiaomi said that it will launch the upcoming smartphone in India on June 22

Published on 21st June 2021
Aman Jagwani

Aman Jagwani’s upcoming album,This Place, plays with the rules of modern jazz

The Place, as an album, represents the evolution of Aman’s musical arc

Published on 14th May 2021

Jay Rana & Skopos’ EP, Magic & Pasta, experiments with lo-fi and jazz

The idea of the whole EP was to spread positivity through it and provide the listeners with a very soothing and wholesome experience.

Published on 13th May 2021
Ella Fitzgerald

International Jazz Day: Learn about the history of jazz from Harlem to New Orleans, through these American museums

America is considered the birthplace of jazz and the genre is known as the "classical music of America"

Published on 30th April 2021

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