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Xbox and Bethesda

Xbox and Bethesda Showcase 2022

A list that kept giving. A right combination of AAA games and small, weird ones. And before I say another word, I will recall my caveat from last time I am just reviewing game trailers.

Published on 16th June 2022
A still from the action game Sifu

Sifu game review: Revenge is too much effort

I wish this was all there was to it. Sifu could have been a straightforward action game, with its difficult, but satisfying fighting combos

Published on 1st March 2022

Tech update: PlayStation VR2 headset design revealed

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released the first look of the next-generation virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR2

Published on 23rd February 2022
God of War releases for the PC

God of War releases for the PC

Till last week, God of War (2018) was the best PC game that was never played.

Published on 25th January 2022
Among Us

Popular game Among Us comes to Xbox and PlayStation this December 

Among Us was the most downloaded mobile game on both Android and iOS app stores in 2020

Published on 22nd October 2021

PlayStation 5 to get Apple Music soon, reports suggest 

Apple Music service is already available on a number of other devices, including Samsung Smart TVs, Google Next and Android

Published on 15th October 2021

Are PlayStation 5 video games going to get more expensive? 

This might happen due to the rising cost of production of new video games

Published on 7th September 2021

Sony PlayStation 5 will be available for pre-order again in India very soon 

This restock will have limited quantity as Sony plans to push out a majority of its stock in time for Diwali and the holiday season

Published on 23rd August 2021

PlayStation5 becomes the fastest-selling console in Sony's history with over 10 mn units sold

Sony has been struggling to maintain the supply of the PS5 consoles

Published on 29th July 2021

Cyberpunk 2077 video game to return to PlayStation Store

Sony removed the game from its storefront a little over a week after Cyberpunk 2077's rocky launch and it offered players refunds

Published on 16th June 2021
Sony PlayStation 5

Sony PlayStation 5 review: Next generation console gaming is here!

PlayStation 5 has been well worth the wait

Published on 8th May 2021

Sony reportedly working on a next-gen VR headset for PS5

Sony is also working on a new VR controller, which will use some of the features found in the DualSense PS5 controller. The VR controller will also focus on improving ergonomics

Published on 24th February 2021

Final Fantasy XIV video game coming soon to Sony PlayStation 5

The award-winning massively multiplayer online game (MMO) has over 20 million registered players

Published on 8th February 2021

Sony PlayStation 5 finally arrives in India; available for preorder Jan 12   

The official launch is on February 2

Published on 1st January 2021
PlayStation Plus users to get free games in January 2021

Sony PlayStation Plus users to get free games in January 2021

PlayStation Plus members will receive two PS4 titles - action-adventure Shadow of the Tomb Raider and action RPG GreedFall on January 5

Published on 31st December 2020

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