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Cafe owner in Prague organises a farewell party for coronavirus, thousands attend it

Prague organised a farewell party for coronavirus, celebrated it with food, drinks and music

Published on 2nd July 2020
Jaroslava Brychtova (Radek Petrasek/CTK via AP, file)

Czech glass artist Jaroslava Brychtova passes away at age 95

Jaroslava Brychtova, a Czech glass artist whose sculptures and other works created together with her late husband Stanislav Libensky won international recognition, has died. She was 95.

Published on 11th April 2020

Review: Murder, sex and intrigue in medieval, magical Prague

The past is a foreign country: They do things differently there, a British author once said -- he might have been talking about historical whodunnits abroad.

Published on 30th July 2017

Travel Prague, the city of 100 spires

The EU's poor cousin, Prague, is sure to evoke an artistic quest even in casual travellers.

Published on 1st March 2017

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