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Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee to celebrate Tagore’s revolutionary philosophy on the bard’s 81st death anniversary

The event will also host a felicitation program in honour of three veteran artists from different fields of fine art

Published on 2nd August 2022
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The most ancient living teachings on spirituality

Upanishads contain the most ancient living teachings on spirituality

Published on 12th June 2022
An assortment of food and drinks at Noon

Foodpreneur Vanika Choudhary makes you savour the nature-nurture philosophy through organic offerings at Noon

In complete sync with the ecosystem around us, the offerings at Noon create sheer harmony,  and are a startling tribute to pure living

Published on 3rd April 2022
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Mahabharata and the significance of teamwork

Mahabharata is roughly 10 times the length of the Greek epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey combined or about four times the length of the Ramayana

Published on 14th February 2022
There is no gain without pain. Representational image

Pain is the precursor to gain; we explain how this is interwoven in every aspect of life

It is usually when an infant gives a painful cry of hunger; its mother feeds it milk

Published on 27th December 2021

When something good or bad happens unexpectedly to someone, is it karma or mere coincidence?

Things happen. Whether they are good or bad depends on your response and inner constitution

Published on 19th December 2021

Nature is God

In Hinduism, there is a strong belief that God is present in everything. The five elements of nature—pancha tattvas (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space)—are worshipped

Published on 19th December 2021
The play is an attempt in the right direction that brings to highlight the ultimate message- Gandhi could save us in 1947

Gandhi Tum Zinda Ho: Exploring Gandhian philosophy in theatre

In times when religion controls every aspect of our lives, Gandhi Tum Zinda Ho has socially salient cues for all.

Published on 7th December 2021

Shekhar Kapur: Miss exploring philosophy and physics with Sushant Singh Rajput

Shekhar Kapur on Tuesday took to Twitter to remember late actor Sushant Singh Rajput

Published on 14th April 2021
Sony Xperia 5 II

Sony Xperia 5 II sports cameras that follow the Sony Alpha Professional philosophy

It also sports a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth scrolling and a 21:9 Cinemawide 6.1” screen for a stupendous cinema experience

Published on 26th September 2020

Tea sommelier Snigdha Manchanda explains the conscious sourcing philosophy behind her wellness tea brand Tea Trunk

Have you explored Tea Trunk's wellness teas, yet?

Published on 24th July 2020

Indulge Time Pass: Diplomat and author Pavan K Varma decodes the philosophy and relevance of the Ramcharitmanas

The author opens up about why Ramayana is still so relevant

Published on 8th June 2020

Catch the latest workshop on American Modern Dance this June

Ranjita Karlekar's workshop will explore the works of Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey and Merce Cunningham

Published on 18th May 2019

Celebrate World Philosophy Day this weekend

Published on 16th November 2018

Kerala’s first all-women band on their musical philosophy

The band aims to provide a platform for upcoming musicians to showcase their talent

Published on 14th July 2017

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