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Sip on tamarind in your vodka in the all-new Watson's menu

South India fare gets a fun but delicious twist at this pub

Published on 13th October 2018

Cocktails alert! Raise your glasses to The Vodka Revolution at The Parking Lot in Kolkata

Vodka infused cocktail, Popsicle and shots lead the way to The Vodka Revolution at The Parking Lot


Published on 4th March 2020

Recipe: This Lemon Vodka Rasam is the best thing you will make during the lockdown

What are you waiting for?

Published on 18th April 2020

How did vodka sauce become the go-to condiment for quarantiners?  

Here's why everyone from supermodels and TikTokers are obsessed with vodka sauce

Published on 19th June 2020

Ozora calls out to all Vodka lovers with The Vodka Revolution

The menu includes a host of brilliant infusions and cocktails

Published on 9th September 2022
Aryan Khan and his two partners intend to introduce a high-end vodka brand first  before venturing into other businesses

Aryan Khan launches vodka brand in India, partners with the world’s largest brewers

Recently, Aryan announced his venture into films with an Instagram post

Published on 13th December 2022

Theatre artiste Lillete Dubey brings three of her well-known plays to Bengaluru 

Lillete Dubey returns to the city with her plays Dance Like Man, 9 Parts of Desire after five years, along with her latest play Vodka And No Tonic

Published on 16th December 2022

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