Planning a safari date this December? From air balloons to riverboats, here are a few new destinations to visit in India

Assam flags off river safarI in kaziranga while Dudhwa reopens with helicopter services
Sunset In Kajiranga National Tiger reserve
Sunset In Kajiranga National Tiger reserve

In the crisp embrace of December, a season synonymous with winter's cool caress, safaris in India attain an unparalleled allure. The biting chill in the air adds a tantalizing edge to the wildlife experience, as the animals emerge from the shelter of dense foliage in search of warmth. The deciduous forests, bereft of their summer cloak, unveil a theatrical display of nature's raw beauty.

As the sun casts long shadows over the savannah, the juxtaposition of the chilly atmosphere and the fervent pulse of wildlife creates a sensory symphony that beckons adventurers to partake in the magic of December safaris in India.

Hot air balloon safari soars in Pinjore, Haryana
In a bid to boost adventure tourism, Haryana’s Chief Minister, Manohar Lal Khattar, inaugurated a hot air balloon safari project in Pinjore, Panchkula district. Khattar, who personally experienced the thrill of a balloon ride, highlighted the state’s vast potential for adventure tourism after spotting fauna in the wild. The venture aims to make Pinjore a prominent tourism destination, complementing plans to transform the Shivalik mountain range into an adventure sports hub. To support the initiative, the state government announced a Rs 72 lakh grant as a Viability Gap Funding for two years. The hot-air balloon rides, priced at INR 13,000 per person, promise a unique nature safari experience.

Assam flags off a new river safari in Kaziranga
The allure of Assam’s  Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve (KNPTR) has expanded with the inauguration of a captivating river safari. Spanning approximately 401 square kms, this area boasts diverse landscapes, including riverine expanses, islands and floodplains known as chaporis. The region teems with wildlife such as rhinos, tigers and swamp deer, while the river serves as a haven for Gangetic river dolphins and various other species. The recent addition facilitates protected area connectivity to Burhachapori  Wildlife Sanctuary and Orang  National Park. Also, Biswanath  Ghat now offers boat rides under the Greater Kaziranga initiative.

Dudhwa reopens with helicopter services
Dudhwa National Park, nestled in the lush landscapes of Lakhimpur-Kheri district and part of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, is ready to welcome wildlife enthusiasts as it reopens on November 15. Home to a diverse array of endangered species, from tigers and leopards to elephants and a variety of bird species, the park spans 490 square kms along the Indo-Nepal border. A notable enhancement is the introduction of a helicopter service connecting Lucknow to Dudhwa, Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary and Chuka Tiger Reserve, reducing travel time to under half an hour. Additionally, the park has slashed admission fees to just Rs 150 per person with free entry for students.

The absence of monsoon foliage also facilitates clearer visibility, enhancing the chances of spotting elusive creatures against the barren backdrop. Moreover, the migratory patterns of diverse avian species peak during this period, transforming the landscape into a vibrant avian tapestry.

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