Goa-based Taj Holiday Village's newest restobar, The House of Nomad, boasts a bohemian and warm vibe

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House of Nomad - Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa, Sinquerim, Goa
House of Nomad - Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa, Sinquerim, Goa

The House of Nomad draws inspiration from the life of a wanderer, always moving, adapting, and innovating. It is bohemian and warm with exposed walls, Edison bulbs, and a chalkboard with specials written on it. Life is undoubtedly a journey, one that is best taken with friends, food, and fine spirits for companions. Taj Holiday Village’s new gastro bar - The House of Nomad, is the perfect destination to discover everything in abundance. 

Uniting cocktail connoisseurs, malt mavens, wine enthusiasts there is something for all kinds of parched souls. It offers a taste of the world with its selection of innovative cocktails and wines from across the globe, including Australia, New Zealand, France, America, Italy, Argentina, and Chile. Sitting at the epicentre of Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa, Goa’s House of Nomad is the perfect oasis in the heart of this vibrant destination, providing travellers with the ideal hub for camaraderie, conversations, cocktails, and cuisines.

<em>Sinquerim Sour</em>
Sinquerim Sour

House of Nomad, which focuses on using local produce to cater to unfussy eaters and pure foodies alike, has a range of dishes Crispy Calamari with chili garlic, Chorizo poi sliders with pineapple slaw, coconut caramel custard that will take your palate on a culinary trip of its own! Some of our other special tributes to Goa include Pepper Tenderloin Steak, Prawn Curry and local sausage and potato stew.

Our cocktails list is divided into cultural cocktails, land & locale cocktails, classic cocktails and community cocktails. Some of our specials include Sinquerim Sour where we used kokam-infused vodka, The Time Traveller with passion fruit and Amber Snap made with ginger honey syrup. The Mariposa with butterfly pea-infused Tanqueray, white wine, and elderflower is the most refreshing.

<em>Chorizo Poi Slider </em>
Chorizo Poi Slider 

House of Nomad is filled with life’s unexpected experiences – initially surprising but ultimately intriguing. We want to keep our guests curious and excited for “what’s next?” at every step of their journey. The flavours we produce and elixirs we concoct are familiar yet surprising; close to the heart yet far from home.

Just as nomads of old sojourned, from place to place finding a home, our food and drink creations take you on a sensory journey filled with adventure. Every step of your journey at House of Nomad brings with it excitement and a true sense of place. We don’t just want to be a hotel “destination bar” - at House of Nomad, we live to bring destinations to you. The House of Nomad works as both a destination and a short halt, where the travellers can celebrate impermanence or life itself. 

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