Relish Dubai with dinner in the sky, theatrical epicurean encounter and much more

For Indian sojourners, Dubai has gracefully assumed the mantle of a premier destination, presenting an enchanting amalgamation of gastronomic delights sourced from corners across the globe...
Relish Dubai
Relish Dubai

Within Dubai's realm, the metropolis extends culinary offerings that span from the ordinary to the extraordinary, encapsulating not only the essence of Indian cuisine but also orchestrating a bewitching symphony of worldwide flavours that are bound to leave you enchanted and utterly enthralled.

Dubai has perennially exuded a magnetic allure. For Indian sojourners, this city has gracefully assumed the mantle of a premier destination, presenting an enchanting amalgamation of gastronomic delights sourced from corners across the globe. What sets Dubai apart is its meticulous attention to catering to the diverse dietary inclinations of its visitors, encompassing Jain, Brahmin Vegetarian, and Vegan sensibilities with utmost care. Furthermore, the limelight cast upon contemporary Indian cuisine is unequivocally warranted, as evidenced by its illustrious collection of Michelin star establishments.

The sphere of modern Indian culinary artistry, distinguished by its inventive reimagining of age-old dishes, has indeed captured the international spotlight. In this narrative, Dubai emerges as a nucleus of culinary innovation, providing fertile terrain for accomplished Indian culinary maestros to etch their indelible imprints onto the global epicurean theatre. It is worth noting that a multitude of Indian dining establishments have achieved the prestigious Michelin star accolade, thereby elevating the gastronomic stature of the nation to unprecedented zeniths.

<em>Vaga In Dubai</em>
Vaga In Dubai

Dinner in the Sky

Nestled within Dubai Marina, this dining concept boasts some of the most splendid vistas of the city's skyline, encompassing waters, and the iconic Palm Jumeirah. Levitating above the ground as you partake in your repast is an extraordinary experience that must not be overlooked.

<em>Indego By Vineet</em>
Indego By Vineet

Dining In The Dark

Embark on a voyage through the exotic flavours of Arabic and Armenian cuisine at VAGA in Dubai, an elegant restaurant situated on Bluewaters Island. Permit your taste buds to wander and explore as you indulge in traditional and contemporary dishes that artfully blend these two distinctive cultures. Elevate your dining escapade with their "Dining In The Dark," an expedition of sensory revelation that will undoubtedly astonish you.

Theatrical Epicurean Encounter

KRASOTA stands as a 'theater-restaurant,' a remarkable fusion of immersive scenography by Boris Zarkov, visual artistry by Anton Nenashev, and the haute cuisine of renowned chef Vladimir Mukhin. Harnessing the 'Medici effect,' the project team has ingeniously birthed an innovative creation at the convergence of diverse ideas and cultures, defying stereotypes and revealing unexpected connections at first glance.

Sumptuous Dining amidst the  Desert at Sonara Camp

Sonara Camp, a desert restaurant in Dubai, stands as the pioneering eco-friendly eatery in the UAE, adhering to the fundamental principles of sustainability and zero waste. The entire camp is energized by solar power, and all materials and products employed here are procured through ethical means.

Subaquatic Dining Delight

Bestowed with a Michelin star, Ossiano Dubai presents an avant-garde fine dining affair, drawing inspiration from the ocean's depths and its enigmatic treasures. Envision dining within one of Dubai's most immersive eateries, while stingrays, sharks, and fish gracefully glide past your table within the aquarium.

Carnival by Tresind

A concept of refined dining where avant-garde culinary theatrics converge with postmodern Indian cuisine, enriched by a contemporary twist from around the world.



Fearlessly blending global influences alongside Indian flavours, this establishment presents captivating yet consistently delightful dishes designed for communal enjoyment.

Indego by Vineet

Adorned in vibrant décor, this intimate Indian eatery offers an array ranging from street-inspired bites to delectable griddle, tandoor, grill, and stew creations, with numerous selections ideal for sharing. Spices are wielded with precision, and presentation is infused with playfulness. Take a seat on the terrace, commanding views of the marina.

Mint Leaf of London

Regarded as one of the premier Indian fine dining destinations, this restaurant crafts its eclectic cuisine through techniques that coax out the most aromatic and essence-laden notes from their fresh, traditional ingredients, endowing each culinary masterpiece with an aura of authenticity.


A tribute to the essence of "Community Neighborhood," Mohalla springs forth from the lively streets and bustling cities of authentic India, where unadulterated flavours are cherished, and the savour of genuine fare is embraced.

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