This Valentine’s celebrate your special bond at these breathtaking restaurants around the world

Raise a goblet and wrap yourself in dazzling vistas to celebrate your togetherness this Valentine’s season at the world’s most stunningly located fine dining outposts
Stunning wine and dine on Lake Wanaka
Stunning wine and dine on Lake Wanaka

Hey there you Loventurers! Do the distinctly different for each other this season of love and romance... Traipse into glorious panoramas across the world where eclectic and iconic fine wining and dining outposts elevate your intimate evening. At each spectacular address presenting unique bespoke experiences for you, a merry mix of creatively curated cuisine spreads, fine vintage world wines and penultimate picture-perfect evenings usher in your romantic celebrations in swish singular style. Absorb every evocative changing frame as your prized, enchanting moments of everlasting nostalgia to cherish forever and live for!

 Al Muntaha| Burj Al Arab | Dubai, UAE

The all-glass ocean views express elevator zip to the 27th level of this world’s most luxurious seven-star hotel brings you to this renowned one Michelin Star landmark perfecting delectable contemporary French and Italian cuisine. You have arrived! Your grand panoramic oceanfront candlelit table for two takes your breath away as pink champagne ushers in your celebratory mood with a suave touch. The custom-calibrated menu waits, as you drink in the evening colours with lingering expectation. The world’s most dazzling, fastest-growing city glitters across, the sprawling Palm Jumeirah and the endless waterfront aglow with kaleidoscopic sparkle. Your feather-soft chatter and beaming features uplift to the wine and dine privilege with ‘Romanesco Zucchini accompanied by Courgette Blossoms and Red Shrimp’ followed by a bespoke ‘Squid and Caviar in Champagne Sauce’.

The carefully chilled New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc crowns the special Valentine’s gourmet moments with appreciative elegance. As you sweeten the evening with a fine desert and vintage Tawny Port, the ultramarine night patiently stills your dreamy glances with unhurried nostalgia…

Table For Two | Fijiana | Lukuliku Lagoon Resort | Fiji, South Pacific

Fairytale settings for two on a lagoon outcrop looking out to the fluorescent aquamarine expanse of the Pacific. You bet there’s nothing more exclusive for you than this handpicked Valentine’s evening, serenaded by the relentlessly changing orchestra of the sea! An occasional seagull sweeps the gentle wind with synergetic interruption. You are ready. At this awarded island resort’s special gastronomic presentation, words seem to fade away as twosomes blush, mesmerised by the unfolding tones of a glorious evening. A crisp South African Chenin Blanc sails in, the ‘Burrata cheese palm heart, braised lentil, black truffle dressing impresses with organic flavours. Honestly, more than the impressive menu spread, the stillness envelops you in silent caress, asserting nature’s seamless magnanimities! Designer waterborne ocean Bures (villas) with merry amber casts on the placid waves colour the island canvas. The unforgettable ‘Yellowtail Kingfish, Chorizo, Saffron broth, sweet pea and garden herbs waltz on your taste buds. Romance is a cliché you’ll agree, unison is more like it with the mute drama of seascapes and stillness playing magic on your senses.

Altitude | The ShangriI | La Hotel | Sydney, Australia

 Your glance spans wide-angle frames of the iconic Sydney Opera House on one end and the fabled Sydney Harbor Bridge on the other. The world’s finest harbour opens out to define superlative class at this distinguished fine dining venue high up in the clouds. Yes, it’s just the two of you out there on the glass-fronted edge… your sparkling flute inviting your gaze. Modern Jazz Pianoforte, diffused tones and a deep Prussian evening combine to welcome your ‘Sydney Rock Lobster Tail with Macadamia, Brioche, Jalapeno, Citrus, Burnt Cucumber with Curry Leaf and Sea Herbs’. The scene is mildly overwhelming, the views magnetising your celebrative mode! Wine and dine mingle with smile and shine. Radiant countenances endorse your contentment factor, your well-chosen venue completes the indulgent spirit. Unarguably, the best panoramas in Sydney create a spirited culinary flutter. The fascinating ‘Valentine Teddy Bear — Dark Chocolate Marquise, Caramel Praline and Berry Marshmallow’ performs an encore for you as you sashay into the night with a merry tune in your heart.

Le Jules Verne | Eiffel Tower | Paris, France

The celebrated landmark says it all, but your quick zip to the haloed dining environs captivates your romantic edge in full view! At this eclectic Michelin Star abode, kindle the poignant Valentine’s spirit with unforgettable verve. A fine Rose Moet et Chandon greets you at your treat-for-two table by the windows. Paris unfolds its grand monuments and spiro-urban dazzle below you! As the Seine furrows the two sides of the romantic city, languid evening tones wash the scenery in distracting mirth. “Happy Valentine’s”, says the silent greeting. Fleeting light trombone and clarinet tease your appetite as you savour ‘Mushroom, Hazelnut Oil, Consomme, Roasted Buckwheat and Veloute’. You’ll relish the ‘Crab flavoured with Tarragon, Granny Smith Apple and Cider Soup’, stylised innovation par excellence. A Limited Edition St Emilion Reserve red revs up your zest, the genteel fragrant wafts of Patchouli, Amber and Musk blending with the wine's deep oaky and smoky flavours. The distinct olfactory combo adds spicy icing to your edging seductive feel. The fine menu impresses with ‘Mature Cheese with Truffle’ going onto ‘Pear poached with Honey, Medowsweet Zephyr, Opaline and Thin Tartlet’.

By the Kabini | Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge | Kabini | Karnataka, India

In the lap of the famed Nagarhole National Park, home to elusive tigers and other venerable wild species is this multi-award winning eco-sensitive five-star resort where enchantment is nature’s core identity. At the elevated river deck dining venue on the placid Kabini, bird song and distant roars create a magical symphony in honour of cheering couples on a very exalted occasion. As sumptuous three-course piping hot grills and skewer delights match flavours with select wines, it’s an evening of discovery of the six senses, literally. The mood meanders with the passing hour as avians sweep down to mid-river stumps and forest thickets for the night. The big cats prowl out their stride, setting up stereophonic reverberation, at will and whim! Sweet whispers have no place here, it’s awe-struck moments, wonderment and surprises creating a new relay of thrilling surround sensations, aided by mouth-watering delicacies on the palates.

 Tosca Di Angelo | The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong, China

 High above the ever-busy Victoria Harbor, rising to tizzy levels is an Italian Michelin Star red gourmet destination making waves in the clouds at the world’s highest five-star deluxe luxury hotel. Expansive, open-hearted and inviting, this dining summit lures Valentine’s tribe with aplomb and yes, not-to-be-missed spectacular views all around. The specialities deserve serious ingestion, the wines singing paeans of harmony, the mellifluous Soprano’s emotive range enlivening the neon-esque evening. ‘Sicilian “Busiate”, Carabineros Prawn and Baby Pak Choi’ create fusion fettle as you allow the ambient charms to envelop you. ‘Mediterranean Dover Sole with Mugnaia Sauce, Capers and Garlic Shoots’ are a treat with a pairing signature Blanc du Blanc -Prie Blanc from Valle D’Aosta, Italy. Immaculate service and courtesies make sure you’re never interrupted but beckoned by, the culinary experience absolutely second to none. As the harbour skyline dazzles with luminescence late into the night, your nectar-infused Vinsanto from Chianti, Toscana applauds your presence, ‘Buono Nocte, Amore Mio!’

Whare Kea Lodge Al Fresco Dining | On Lake Wanaka | Southern Alps, New Zealand

That’s right, mes amis. You are absolutely alone, no one in sight around this stunning, mirrored lake-fringing premium al fresco dining deck in the lap of the picturesque Southern Alps. Just the two of you, welcomed to herald in love’s mystical shades in the lake-and-mountain country. Kia Ora. You are, of course, privileged to be savouring the total privacy and intimacy on this glorious evening — the lodge’s unspoken finesse. Barbecue thrills, innovative fusion marvels, award-winning NZ wine varietals, deep tones and tints, shimmering snowy peach summits of a magnificent locale can only stir the right emotions reserved for special moments in time. The bespoke escape is a limited edition, exquisite creation for a chosen few, the experiences fine-tuned to holistic wholeness and meditative grace. Intimacy takes on many incarnations, shared as endearing recall, forever.

Table Rock House Restaurant | On The Horsehoe Falls – Niagara | Ontario, Canada

Revelling on the water’s edge! A thunderous, full Dolby applause to pairs-in-love at this sensational gourmet landmark. Right on the ceaseless, cascading might of the gigantic Horseshoe Falls in Niagara, your fine wining and dining take on an overwhelming size in full, uninterrupted views of one of the most breathtaking spectacles on earth. Creative degustation fare with super-matching local wines rule the culinary roost here. But a Valentine’s treat with selected labels appeals to enraptured twosomes witnessing nature’s aquatic dash in unstoppable momentum. In tandem, you pick an inviting ‘Grilled Garlic Shrimp and Atlantic Crab Cake with old bay aioli, pickled fennel, celery root slaw and frisée’. Jazz piano in the air plays silky smooth, giving precedence to wide-eyed frames of the falls next door! The theatrics will never end here. Your ‘Wild Mushroom Cannelloni with roasted cauliflower purée, sautéed wild mushrooms, pickled honey mushrooms, brown butter, truffle and lemon, shaved parmesan’ scores on the plated flair, the orchestrated nocturnal rainbow tones across the Niagara and Horseshoe Falls captivating your sights in celebratory accompaniment!

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