Manju Latha Kalanidhi


A passionate travel writer with travel sickness, Manju Latha Kalanidhi thrives on variety, spice, flattery and everything Hyderabadi. A social media smartass, she gets excited learning new things in life, making entries into her bucket list, ticking off things on her to-do list and living each moment with swag and sass. A firm believer in the Law of Attraction, she thinks life must be lived in style and that she is the right one to advise everyone on how to go about it in her role as a lifestyle magazine editor.

Dying for a vacation? But no time to get out of Hyderabad?

When time is in short supply and you still crave a relaxing weekend closer home with family, Novotel Hyderabad Airport has a deal for you

20 May 2017

Hyderabad's luxury hotels go green

From solar panels to energy efficient rooms, here are some eco-friendly practices being observed at Hyderabad's luxury hotels. 

02 Jun 2017

Dad’s the way to go: Here's a handpicked list of fathers from Hyderabad redefining the role of fatherhood

The newage dad's are opting for alternate careers without batting an eyelid, all for their child's dreams

16 Jun 2017

What's the fuss about #Sarahah

This trending one-way communication app let others tell you whatever they want while you read it and do nothing much

15 Aug 2017

Smooth sailing on the high seas: On the Genting Dream cruise liner

Genting Dream, the magnificent 18-deck luxury cruise liner from Hong Kong, puts the best of fun and luxury between the sky and the water 

31 Aug 2017

The unapologetic feminist

Sravya Kothalanka, who has a social media account for each of her talents, motivates people to be themselves.

27 Oct 2017

Hyderabad's fashion blogger shares her journey as an Instagram star

Dr Sangeetha Chawla consults on skin for her patients and on style for fans on Instagram

27 Oct 2017

Bidri’s ‘Sand and Stone Festival’ brings in the best of starters cooked in retro style

Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre is organising a Sand and Stone Festival to celebrate ancient royal techniques of cooking. 

24 Nov 2017

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