Bounce Infinity E1, India’s first e-scooter, is loaded with plenty of exciting features you shouldn’t miss!

Bounce launches India’s first e-scooter, with dual options in batteries that can be swapped
Bounce Infinity E1
Bounce Infinity E1

The Bounce Infinity E1 is a stylish looking e-scooter that looks fresh and modern. It comes in five attractive colours and boasts of riding on neat alloy wheels. The bike sports LED lights, high-end projector headlights, a digital speedometer and is built on a tubular frame with telescopic front suspension and twin shock absorbers at the rear.

Powering the e-scooter is a BLDC motor that delivers 83 Nm of torque and it allows the Infinity E1 to hit a top speed of 65 kmh. The scooter boasts of a power mode that gives a boost in order to allow for better overtaking in city conditions. The motor is paired with a portable waterproof IP 67 48V 49 AH battery that can be charged from a regular socket or swapped using the battery-as-a-service feature that Bounce provides. The Infinity E1 has an 86 km range per charge.

Like all new e-scooters, the Bounce Infinity E1 comes with a lot of tech on board, including a Smart App for remote applications, Drag Mode that allows the scooter to be moved at walking speeds, Reverse Mode for easy control out of a parking spot, cruise control, anti-theft alarm and an overvoltage protector.

Through this unique setup, Bounce has taken out the cost of the battery to the customer and they only pay for use of the Bounce battery swapping network instead. Customers have access to the large network that Bounce is setting up for this purpose and they just ride in and switch their used battery for a fully charged unit without having to wait. In the event that you do want to charge the battery, you can use any household port for the purpose and it takes 4-5 hours for a full charge.

Having said that, the battery-as-a-service has allowed Bounce to offer their e-scooter at a price point of just INR 45,000. If you want it with the battery and charger, then the full cost goes up to INR 68,999.

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