Meghalaya’s much-awaited 'The Hills Festival' is back in December

The fourth edition of the festival offers a memorable journey into the heart of Meghalaya's culture, music, and culinary delights
The Hills Festival Meghalaya
The Hills Festival Meghalaya

Experience the enchantment of Meghalaya's winter as The Hills Festival - Spirit of Meghalaya, returns for its fourth edition. This extravagant celebration displays Meghalaya's rich culture, captivating music, and delectable cuisine. Set against the stunning backdrop of Umiam Lake in Umbir village, this homegrown music festival, presented by HYPE - Helping Young People Entertainment in collaboration with Meghalaya Tourism perfectly embodies the 'Spirit of Meghalaya.'

<strong>The Hills Festival campsite</strong>
The Hills Festival campsite

The festival is a haven for music enthusiasts, featuring a diverse array of contemporary and traditional tunes from Meghalaya and beyond, ensuring continuous rhythm and entertainment. Additionally, the festival welcomes craftsmen and culinary experts to showcase their skills, products, and conduct interactive workshops. To promote togetherness, a vibrant flea market with games and activities for all is also planned.

<strong>From last year's edition</strong>
From last year's edition

For food aficionados, this year's festival delves into the heart of Jaintia cuisine. Collaborating with foragers from Jowa, the event invites you on a gastronomic journey to savour the untamed flavours of Meghalaya's wild edibles through dishes crafted by local chefs. The festival will host an exciting competition showcasing the finest pork dishes prepared by local culinary experts.

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<strong>Venue near Umium Lake</strong>
Venue near Umium Lake

Following last year's successful campsite, the festival now offers comfortable camping tents for a fully immersive experience. Enjoy two unforgettable evenings filled with soul-stirring music and stargazing. Explore the beauty of Umbir through cycling tracks and nature trails. Stay tuned for the full schedule, which will be announced on the festival's official social media pages. 

From December 1-2. At Lum ‘Er Pyngngad, Umbir, Meghalaya
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