Hope will always win: Salman Khan talks about his new paintings and his love for Mother Teresa

The actor showcases new paintings at his first ever solo art show in Bengaluru
Salman Khan with his painting, Still in Hope of Compassion
Salman Khan with his painting, Still in Hope of Compassion

The sky is the limit for Salman Khan.  India's most popular actor now has a new collection of paintings titled Motherhood – An Artistic Ode to Mother Teresa. The superstar is showcasing the artwork at his first ever solo show in Gallery G and also online as part of Google Arts & Culture. The show is presented by Sandeep & Gitanjali Maini Foundation & AGP World, in association with Being Human - The Salman Khan Foundation, Gallery G, and Artiere Gallery.

The collection of paintings are on the topics of compassion and peace. Through paintings, such as Still In Hope of Compassion and Begging for Peace, the 56-year-old shows bold brush strokes and impressionist textures. “I like to say it with my films. With the stories that I tell. With the songs that I sing. With the dialogues that I deliver. And sometimes, I like saying it with colour and a blank canvas,” says Salman. About the painting Still In Hope of Compassion, he adds, “There are wars. There is loss. There are pandemics to deal with. But there is also hope. And Mother Teresa tells us no matter what the odds, hope will always win.” The painting is a profile of Mother Teresa. The other new painting in the collection, Begging For Peace, is a portrait. “Peace is not just an absence of conflict. Peace is the humility of two folded hands. The acknowledgment of our humanity. And the purpose of our life,” he adds. 

Begging for Peace, by Salman Khan
Begging for Peace, by Salman Khan

“In 2021, only one painting by Salman Khan was on display on GAC. This year we have added two more paintings by him, each being extremely arresting and unique,” explains Gitanjali Maini, Founder of Sandeep and Gitanjali Maini Foundation. “We have a great relationship with AGP World in Mumbai and were delighted when they approached us to help find a global platform to display Salman Khan’s art. Working with AGP World and through them with Salman Khan, has been one of the biggest projects that our Foundation has undertaken.”

Details: Until March 20. At Gallery G, Lavelle Road and online at Google Arts & Culture

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