Journey through history: Beyond Hyderabad hosts heritage walk near Musi River

Founded by culture enthusiasts, Beyond Hyderabad is organising a heritage walk near the State Central Library, Musi River, and City College
Journey through history: Beyond Hyderabad hosts heritage walk near Musi River
Journey through history: Beyond Hyderabad hosts heritage walk near Musi River

From Bahamani and Kakatiya to Qutub Shahi, Mughal and European imprints, take a step back in time along a 1.8-kilometre trail that unveils the education system of Hyderabad coupled with the veiled bounty lining the Musi River. Beyond Hyderabad, a collective of city enthusiasts, will beckon you to essay on a memorable heritage walk that delves deep into the city. As Anwesh Goda, founding member of the troupe aptly puts it, “Our motive is to create a community which is approachable to everyone into the arts and creative pasture.” The walk would start at the State Central Library, an embodiment of Indo-Saracenic architecture, which was constructed during the Nizam era.

Haseeb Ahmed, executive team member and conductor of the walk, reflects on the city’s ancestry, noting, “Hyderabad’s heritage is woven with the threads of time.” Haseeb eagerly talks about some forgotten troves that often escape the tourist radar. He began by introducing us to Bella Vista Palace, also known as AISC (Azam Jahi State Guest House), nestled in the picturesque neighbourhood of Khairtabad. The elegant structure once served as the residence of Durre Shehwar, the wife of Azam Jah Bahadur. He also cites that around 600 such sites are scattered throughout the city. “The culture of Hyderabad is quite distinct from the rest of Telangana, as this was the residence of the Nizams,” he shares.

Beyond Hyderabad records the city’s inventive flank, as Harish S, another founding member, adds, “We also started events for hobbyists looking to spend their time during the weekends and explore something new and creative.” Several years ago, while exploring cities like Kochi and Mumbai, Anwesh was deeply moved and inspired by the beauty and richness of those places. The experiences he had during his travels planted a seed of thought within him, a desire to scour the cultural treasures of the city besides its well-known attractions. “That’s when Harish and I collaborated to conceptualise the group. We believe there is more to Hyderabad other than ‘Chai, Charminar and Biryani.’ We are here to provide all that you need to have a good time in the city,” he tells us.

`100 upwards. September 24. 9 am. At State Central Library

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