India tour diary: Powerhouse Aussie DJ Beyond Tha Noize lines up bigger gigs, tons of new music

Aussie star DJ Beyond Tha Noize looks back at his mini-India tour, letting us in on plans for a longer visit, and tons of new music.
Richard Sacilotto aka Beyond Tha Noize
Richard Sacilotto aka Beyond Tha Noize

Richard Sacilotto aka Beyond Tha Noize, the Aussie producer and DJ from Kalgoorlie, and a rising star on the global circuit, takes us throw the ropes of going truly international, having recently tested the waters for live EDM in a mini-India tour, across Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Kochi. Excerpts from an interview:

Give us an ‘in retrospect’ of your recent India tour. What were the big moments? 
Firstly, I want to say a quick hello and a massive thank you for having me on.

As you know, I’m back in Australia and I’ve just finished my India Tour with the last main show in Kochi, and what an awesome show it was! 

The tour kicked off in Hyderabad. I got in around 2.30-3 am on that Saturday from Melbourne, and the first show was that night at the club Insomnia.

Then it was off to Bengaluru’s SkyDeck by Sherlock’s, before the final show at Crowne Plaza, Kochi. This was my first time to India, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I had an amazing time.

The highlights were the crowd reactions to my original music. Just being able to fly across from the other side of the world to play my music, and have a crowd go crazy for it, is surreal. 

After every show, I was swarmed by fans looking to take photos, and they all said how amazing my sets are. I’m still getting messages on Instagram and other social media, asking me when I’m coming back.

The appreciation is overwhelming, and I honestly can’t thank all of them enough for getting behind me, and coming to my shows.

Any unforgettable crowd experiences that you got to take back home?
There was one part of the show in Kochi that I will take back... It was in the middle of my set and the whole place was absolutely rammed.

I had the dance floor going nicely, and I know every DJ does this (laughs) but I said, ‘Let’s see them hands in the air,’ and every single person had their hands up, and they were having the time of their lives! Just to have that connection was honestly one of the best feelings, being a DJ.

How receptive did you find Indian crowds to be, across the cities that you played at? 
I found that all the crowds were pretty good, and very responsive, but I have to say, Kochi was the best. 

Beyond Tha Noize

With a tour of India in the bag, which country are you looking at next? 
There is another tour to India in the works, with a lot more shows that will be bigger and better. Some outdoor festivals are in the works as well, so I’m excited. I’m also looking at a lot of other places — Europe, USA, and other parts of Asia. I have a lot to look forward to, so I’m strapping myself in.

You’ve had a string of hits leading up to here. How is 2019 shaping up for you?
There will be a ton of new music, as there are about 15 new songs on my back catalogue, which are yet to be released. There will be a lot more shows worldwide, plus a move to Los Angeles is being looked into, which I’m very excited about!

Tell us about The Movement Episodes — how have they been shaping up? 
The Movement Series is my monthly podcast — I will be pushing that to a fortnightly, then a bit later, into a weekly podcast. Also, I will move to a video broadcast of each episode. I’m starting to bring in some young talented DJs I find on social media. I feel they don’t get much of a look in, as they’re just starting out, but I’m happy to showcase them. 
What were the thoughts in your head when you put down the track, City Lights
It was definitely a feel-good radio-play track we held back, so it didn’t drop heavy, as we wanted the vocals to drive the track along. I got a lot of response from that track, a heap of Snapchats and Instagram stories, and as you’d guess, they were all driving or walking in the city at night. 

Beyond Tha Noize

Describe the energy you like to see on the floor, and the vibes that keep you going... 
Being able to play the music that I love and having a crowd respond exactly the way I would, if I was on the dance floor, is really the best feeling, and keeps me keep going. 
New releases we should be excited about?
I have a ton of releases in the works. I’m excited for Smoking Kills, The Love 2019 and a crazy track like Dog Face Filter — look out for that one! 

Give us a peek into your daily routine, fitness regimens if any, preferred diet (burger and cola or steak?) and favourite holiday destinations?
I don’t really have a daily routine structure, to be honest, it's all about music-related stuff. I do goto the gym a fair bit, and I feel as though the gym keeps my mind at work and breaks things up a little bit from the studio. I try and eat as healthy as I can, I do like to cook.

I have a special spaghetti and chicken dish that I make. I’ll go with my one of my favourite holiday destinations and that would have to be Cabo San Lucas, a resort city on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. I absolutely loved that place, it was paradise as well as the crazy party nightlife. Such an amazing place!

Top names on your personal playlist?
The artistes on my playlist right now include Habstrakt, Ship Wrek, Wateva, High N Rich. I can’t get  past Don Diablo — he’s putting out absolute fire. And, Nicky Romero, I reckon, will surge to the top of his game again soon.

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— Jaideep Sen

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