Aawaz app launches English edition of audio originals and podcasts, iOS edition coming soon

Aawaz.com, said to be India's largest podcast and spoken-word audio, on-demand service with 100% original content, has recently launched its English edition.
Aawaz English
Aawaz English

Chennai, January 9, 2020: Aawaz.com, said to be India's largest podcast and spoken-word audio, on-demand service with 100% original content, has recently launched its English edition.  

Live since January 2019 with over 500 hours of Hindi audio programming, the audio network has now expanded to Original Audio in English. 

Existing users of the Aawaz app can now listen to both English and Hindi music by simply choosing their preference within the app or on the website. 

Aawaz is available as an app for free, downloadable over Google Play, Indus App Bazaar, Kai OS (Jio phones), Amazon FireTV or users can even tune in to the web edition aawaz.com

Aawaz offers unlimited access to its original content including audio shows, spoken-word audio, podcasts and more, all created, scripted and professionally produced by Aawaz. 

The app has no ads for an uninterrupted listening experience.

The offline mode lets the audience download episodes and listen on the go even without an active internet connection. 

At the time of the launch, listeners of Aawaz will be able to access ten English original audio shows across genres including - 

    • Strange AF with Cyrus Sahukar (humour)
    • An Emotion Called Bombay (culture)
    • The Unfundables (start-ups)
    • The Next Ten Years (technology)
    • The Pathbreakers (business)
    • Data-Driven Marketing (upskill)  
    • Odobobo (a show for pet lovers)

The Aawaz English edition will see the addition of new shows every week, as well as new episodes under existing shows. 

The range of genres is wide, covering business, humour, lifestyle, technology, start-ups, entertainment, motivational and culture. Aawaz’s content is 100% brand safe. 

<em>Aawaz.com is now available in English</em>
Aawaz.com is now available in English

Aawaz is a product by Mumbai-based Agrahyah Technologies Pvt Ltd. 

Commenting on the English edition launch, Aawaz.com co-founder Sreeraman Thiagarajan said, "Our vision of creating products ground up to be relevant to Indian audience doesn't stop at regional languages." 

"We see Indian English as a unique language and launching the Aawaz English edition is to offer a differentiated experience to our listeners, who currently have limited source of audio content created originally for Indian ethos and values," he added. 

According to a recent report by PwC, Indian podcast listeners numbered at 40 million by the end of 2018, a 58% rise from the year before. 

The growth is set to continue at a 34.5% CAGR to reach 76.1 million by 2023. 

In Agrahyah's opinion, the total number of podcast listeners in India will become 600 million if Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ‘Mann Ki Baat’ is included as a podcast. 

In 2019, aawaz.com saw more than 4 million streams per month on average on its app and web.
“The fresh new English content on Aawaz aims to both elevate and entertain our listeners," said Rushabh Vasa, co-founder of Aawaz.com

"Our research indicates that podcast listeners on-the-go prefer listening to audio content that has utility value including knowledge, information, invigorating conversations in spoken-word format, and we have taken right efforts to offer exactly such high-quality audio shows to our English listeners," he added. 

The iOS edition of the Aawaz app for iPhone users is scheduled to launch in January 2020. 

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