Interview: We speak to Jerry Singh and Simba Sing about their new track, learning from their father and working with Jeff Bhasker 

 Let Jerry and Simba take you back to the eighties with their new song, 80s Love.

Paulami Sen Published :  29th July 2020 04:47 PM   |   Published :   |  29th July 2020 04:47 PM

Simba Sing aka Sakaar Singh and Jerry Singh

While streaming through our Indie Summer playlist on Spotify, we discovered the high-energy and groovy track called, 80s Love, by sibling duo Jerry and Simba Sing aka Sakaar Singh. The brothers have a legacy to live up to. They are the sons of the famous Dil Le Gayee singer, Jasbir Jassi. Simba recalls,  “As kids, Jerry and I have seen dad follow his discipline towards music, performing in front of huge crowds and creating ideas. Our music is the polar opposite to what he does but making people feel something with one’s music is the same.”

Talking about the brand new track, Jerry says, “80s Love started off with a beat which I had made back in Los Angeles last fall. We were going through our ideas and the moment I pulled up this tune and played the beat, it grabbed Simba’s attention. He immediately picked up the mic and came up with this great melody for almost the whole song and then we sat and worked around the lyrics and the story of the song.” The brothers had gone through 25 versions before zeroing in on the final track! Describing the rather feel-good song, Simba says, “80s Love is a 2020 song with eighties vibe to it.  The song takes us back to the time where love wasn’t found on dating sites but rather on the open roads, the disco and the bars. To me, the eighties was a decade that had amplified emotions in music, movies. New sounds were coming up, it was a really exciting decade.”

Simba Sing aka Sakaar Singh

Although Jerry and Simba work out of Los Angeles, they are back in India now due to pandemic. They confess that they are living out of a suitcase, been travelling between Mumbai, Punjab and Delhi. Their other new track, Got You which was released in May became quite popular with their listeners. “During that time we were creating new ideas every day at Jeff Bhasker’s studio,” Simba says. He adds, “I heard Jerry playing around with a beat while I was in the kitchen with my friend. We both came to the studio because it immediately caught our ears. I was seeing someone that summer, she was Latin so that led to a Latin pop vibe song.”  While trying to understand how the brothers compose together, we learn that it is Simba who usually comes up with the melodies and writing the lyrics while Jerry does the production bit and then they fuse it up. While Simba is influenced and looks up to performers like Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Adele, Bruno Mars, Akon, The Weekend, Drake, Jerry is inspired by record producers like Jeff Bhasker, Quincy Jones, Max Martin, Greg Kurstin, The Smeezingtons and Diplo.

Simba and Jerry have both worked with well-known record producer, Grammy award-winning American record producer, Jeff Bhasker. Simba reminisces, “When I was in Berklee College of Music, during two of the summers, I interned with Jeff Bhasker.” Meanwhile, Jerry got the opportunity to meet Jeff in 2017 when he was visiting India for the MTV award summit. He shares, “That was the first time when I happened to introduce my work to Jeff.”  Jerry has also worked on Dua Lipa’s song, Future Nostalgia. He shares, “One of the many days when I was present at his studio, he (Jeff) was working on Future Nostalgia, he handed me over some programming and asked me to work on it. I knew then this is the moment I had been waiting for, I gave my best shot and here we both are with my name under the song’s credit.” Both the brothers have a couple of singles that they are working on.  “There’s a five-song EP ready with Jeff Bhasker, he is the executive producer of this EP and 9 am (the duo producers) produced it. Before that comes out, I and Jerry are releasing a couple of singles,” says Simba, signing off, with the information that their next single will be out in September.

 Tune into 80s Love by Jerry Singh and Simba Sing on Spotify.