Singer Nikitaa collaborates with Ash King for her debut  track, Universe

Pop sensation Nikitaa drops her new single Universe 

author_img F Khatoon Published :  20th November 2020 10:26 PM   |   Published :   |  20th November 2020 10:26 PM


Independent artiste Nikitaa’s discography is on a musical high. The Mumbai-based singer released two singles this year – Goddess and Clutch and she promises not to stop. Known for her witty blend of sassy melodies and powerful lyrics that give added depth to each of her compositions, Nikitaa combines Pop/RnB with South-Asian soundscape. The singer recently launched her new single Universe teaming up with singer and composer Ash King. The diva tells us more about her new single. Excerpts:

You wrote your debut love song when you were single. Tell us more.

It just happened. I hadn’t come to the session planning on writing a love song. I was still a bit heartbroken from my last relationship to be very honest, but Ash really wanted to write about the beginnings of a real relationship - about that feeling of wanting to commit. And it felt fun to write it - it was a good way to take a breather away from the heavier feelings in my personal life and write about something magical. Almost like gifting myself the hope of love once again. 

What took you so long to release a love-themed song, something that all singers attempt early in their career?

I just wasn’t concerned with following some sort of formula when it came to releasing my music, I don’t think any artist should be. I picked the song I authentically felt was the right one to start my career with - “Honest”. And I think it was a good choice! It landed on so many editorial playlists and did so well for a first release! I also think I was subconsciously waiting to put out a love song at a time where I felt ready on a personal level to do so as well. For me, it would be weird releasing, sharing and then promoting something I didn’t connect to in that moment as an artist and a person. It wouldn’t feel authentic. And looking at the state of the world, I think I released Universe at a time in all of our collective lives where we could all use some hope and enthusiasm about building something new.

How was it collaborating with the Ash King?

It honestly started off as a soft piano ballad the night we wrote it. It’s got all these magical metaphors and lyrics, and so by the time we got into the studio to really put the song together, it had taken on a life of its own. The melody itself builds so organically into this energetic “I do!” Over the choruses that we wanted a track that rose up to meet it. Universe is really another side to the genre/niche I’ve carved for myself. It’s ethereal, and it’s a blend of electro-rock, pop and RnB. I wanted to create something heartfelt but energetic. It’s pretty much all my influences growing up combined into one track. 

It was a lot of fun! As an artist, he’s really humble, expressive and open, which makes for a great collaborator. We had a really smooth session, it felt really organic to write with him! 

What’s next?

I have releases lined up through the end of this year and entering into the next! There’s going to be a lot of surprises - musically and lyrically.