Fake Love Out now: Watch Guru Randhawa’s ‘out-of the-box’ collab with Bhushan Kumar on new music video

The music video is part of the singer's maiden album Man Of The Moon 
Fake Love poster
Fake Love poster

Punjabi singer and composer Guru Randhawa known for getting us to groove with hits like High Rated Gabru and Patola is back with a bang with his maiden music album Man Of The Moon, in collaboration with Bhushan Kumar. The album features seven songs around the theme of modern love, relationships, dreams, betrayal and more. They are titled Signs, Fake Love, Teri Ki Khayal, Rona Rona, Fayaah Fayaah, Moon Rise and Black Raat. 

While earlier only the audio versions of the seven songs were released, now much to the excitement of the fans, the music videos of the songs are also lined up for release. The first music video released was of the track Signs which became ravingly popular for its theme of fidelity in urban modern love. Now the second music video from the album has been released on the track Fake Love.

Watch here:

The video is an edgy portrayal of a heist and its planning which takes an unpredictable twist. With an upbeat track, the video highlights the theme of one-sided love and deceit. It features Guru himself in the video of the song, with Sanjoy and Amar Sandhu who have composed, written lyrics and done the sound mixing. The video is engrossing to watch given it was shot in Sofia, Bulgaria which added to the storytelling element and aesthetics. The direction, conceptualization, editing and visual effects featured in the song are worth the attention - aced by Rupan Bal, Anmol Raina and Dilpreet. 

Guru Randhawa shares the inventive thinking that went behind the music video, “Since the audio is so different, we attempted to do something out-of-the-box in terms of the visuals of the music video. We shot the video of  Fake Love in Bulgaria during the lockdown and are very excited with the way it turned out."

Bhushan Kumar shares on the theme, “Fake Love is a progressive music track and the music video too reflects that pace. The storyline of the song will have you completely hooked with thrill at every corner.”

Director Rupan Bal adds, “The music video of Fake Love has a compelling story and the track in itself takes that narrative ahead. It’s sharp, pacey and gripping and a treat to Guru Randhawa fans.”

Fake Love music video is out now on T-Series’ YouTube channel
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