Kunaal Vermaa shifts from being lyricist to crooner and composer with his debut single 

Harbouring nostalgia, melodies and emotions, Kunaal Vermaa shares that he has been constantly thinking of creating this piece
Official poster
Official poster

In an enchanting revelation that has stirred the hearts of music aficionados, Kunaal Vermaa, the lyrical virtuoso behind chart-topping anthems like Tum Hi Aana, Chale Aana, Hasi and Malang, has gracefully embarked upon a new chapter. His maiden voyage as a singer and actor has culminated in the ethereal masterpiece, Yaadein Roz Aati Hain, a blend of love and longing that resonates deeply within the souls of his ardent admirers.

Serenading the airwaves with his mellifluous voice, Kunaal Vermaa serendipitously reveals a romantic opus that encapsulates the essence of timeless affection. The song’s title, Yaadein Roz Aati Hain, translates to ‘memories arrive daily,’ an evocative sentiment elegantly portrayed through Vermaa's evanescent portrayal of love's enduring memory.

Exquisitely attired in the garb of a lovestruck troubadour, Kunaal Vermaa exudes a magnetic charm as he embodies the very emotions he has so meticulously woven into his verses. The piece ferries listeners to a realm where love delicately intertwines with nostalgia’s tender embrace.

The debutante’s artistic journey takes flight with a poignant revelation. “This is my inaugural solo endeavour,” Vermaa shares with excitement. While his vocal talents have remained a clandestine treasure since his childhood, the multifaceted artist shares an extraordinary revelation — the creation of music has forever been his muse. 

Yaadein Roz Aati Hain is streaming on Spotify and other music platforms. 

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