EXCL: Vasuda Sharma set to release two new songs, opens up about journey as an independent artiste

In an exclusive chat, the former 'Aasma' singer talked about her ever-evolving musical journey

Muskan Khullar Published :  01st August 2023 07:00 PM   |   Published :   |  01st August 2023 07:00 PM
In Frame: Vasuda Sharma

In Frame: Vasuda Sharma

An ardent follower of international artistes like Tori Kelly, Harry Styles and Bruno Mars, Vasuda Sharma of Aasma fame is one of the few singer-songwriters in recent times who are looking to fuse elements of pop with rock, jazz and sometimes funk.

Now an independent musician, Vasuda was an integral part of Aasma, an early 2000s pop band known for chartbuster tracks like Chandu Ke Chacha and Jeet Lenge Hum. During her time in the band with the likes of Neeti Mohan, Jimmy Felix, Sangeet Haldipur, Peyush Dixit and Aamir Ali, Vasuda found her sound which is fun and groovy but also introspective.

Take her latest stints for instance. Her upcoming solo single titled Manwa Bhaagey, is a song that reminds us to hold onto the magic that resides within us all. As for her second single, SATB -Kataar Mein, along with her band Sharma & The Besharams is a satirical take on waiting in lines. We spoke to the artiste about these impending releases, life after Aasma and much more...

Vasuda gears up for two new releases 

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What are the emotions that you wish to evoke with Manwa Bhaagey?

Manwa Bhaagey is a heartfelt song that takes listeners on a journey down memory lane, capturing the essence of childhood reverie and nostalgia. The song paints a vivid picture of a time when the world seemed filled with wonder and magic, where imagination soared and joy was abundant.

SATB -Kataar Mein is a symbolic take on standing in lines. What was the inspiration behind this track?

I noticed that waiting in lines is something that almost everyone encounters throughout their lives, whether it's waiting for opportunities, relationships, achievements or simply going through daily routines. Kataar Mein by Sharma & The Besharams is a satirical song that humorously reflects on this never-ending experience. It serves as a light-hearted commentary on the repetitive nature of human existence.

Your upcoming singles are extremely different with respect to the vibe. Was this a conscious decision?

I think more than a conscious decision, it is more of an organic evolution with time as an artiste and a musician.

What are some of the subjects and themes that you like to explore with your music otherwise?

The themes of my songs come either out of a personal experience while other times it would be a borrowed emotion. Apart from the usual suspects like love and relationships, I would love to explore themes based on social issues, mental health and climate change. I want to be able to write meaningful and relatable songs that resonate with my listeners.

What would you call your signature sound?

Though I still continue to explore and refine my musical attributes, I feel my ability to seamlessly fuse elements from pop, rock, and other genres (such as jazz, funk, electronic, etc.) would be a defining characteristic of my music.

Take a step back, and describe your musical journey after you left Aasma. How has your sound evolved since?

Post Aasma, the transition from a pop star to an independent musician involved a lot of self-discovery, creative exploration and a deeper connection with the art of music. As I matured personally and emotionally, the sound became more introspective and authentic. Though I still feel that my sound continues to evolve with new experiences, inspirations, collaborations and creative endeavours, making my musical journey an ever-evolving process.

Did you ever feel the pressure to live up to the Aasma legacy when you started your solo career?

Making the transition from a pop band setting to a solo independent career can be daunting. Aasma gave me success and recognition that was more immediate and visible. However, as an independent artiste, I had to make my own way. I was aware it was not an easy path but it was one I had to take. Growth often happens outside of our comfort zones.

Your parents were sceptical about your musical career. Do any tips you have for young artistes experiencing the same thing?

Parent’s being our best well-wishers have a valid concern about the ambiguity of pursuing a career in music. I did finish my graduation while pursuing my musical carrier. An open communication with parents about your musical aspirations and goals and a consistent demonstration of your dedication, persistence and discipline towards music would definitely bring them reassurance over time.

What is next for you? Have you started working on any new tracks?

I am thrilled to have launched my own indie music label Song Nest which will soon be the playground for new collaborations and aspiring artistes to release their songs. I am excited about working on a song with Akanksha Sethi, a promising singer-songwriter with a velvet voice. Apart from that I am writing some songs for Sharma & The Besharams and producing some music for a few indie artistes.

Manwa Bhaagey is set to stream on all major audio platforms on August03.

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