Japanese girl group XG's new EP to release in CD Box, digital versions

The new EP is titled 'NEW DNA' and pre-orders for CD Box start from July 26
Photo Credits: Instagram
Photo Credits: Instagram

Popular Japanese pop girl group XG have announced to release their long-awaited EP, which will be titled NEW DNA, on September 27, with pre-orders for the CD Box available starting on July 26.

Back in June, the Japanese girl group released their first track from the EP or Mini-Album called GRL GVNG boasting a sci-fi-based steampunk vibe with a mix of electronica, hip-hop, power-pop and some traditional J-pop.

The track was a resounding success and dominated charts globally, with XG becoming the first Japanese group to reach Number 1 on the U.S. Billboard chart 'Hot Trending Songs, Powered by Twitter' in less than a week.

The CD BOX of the 1st Mini Album NEW DNA is touted to be a bold statement of a "new breed" that is not bound by any borders and will stylistically defy traditional pop conventions with its slightly more experimental nature. The EP will be released in two versions, X Ver. and G Ver.

With artwork reminiscent of cell division, it presents six entirely new songs that showcase a new style for the group. NEW DNA will also introduce the strand of a ‘new DNA’ into both the audio and visual composition of the group.

X Ver. exudes a mysterious and sharp worldview unique to XG, and upon opening that alluring purple box, viewers will be taken in instantaneously by a dazzling hologram, signifying XG's evolution and a statement to their "NEW DNA."

G Ver. embodies the refreshing and pure worldview of XG and cutting open that opaque white-tone box will reveal XG's new EP on a glittering metallic paper. Additionally, to commemorate this special release, there are numerous benefits for those who pre-reserve or pre-order.

In conjunction with the announcement of the release date, a concept video titled HESONOO The NEW DNA, which expresses the origins of DNA has been posted on XG's YouTube channel.

XG's new EP boldly embodies the declaration of a stylistic and sonic evolution as with ‘NEW DNA’, the girl group will also become a "new species" free from conventions and limitations. With an unconventional style and new artwork 'NEW DNA', marks a compelling introduction to their new journey.

NEW DNA will be released in both CD BOX and Digital formats.

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