Drake's half-eaten pizza being sold for Rs 4 crores, but who's buying it?  

The photo of the half-eaten pizza was shared by fellow rapper Lil Yachty
Yachty wrote, “Selling this Drake bit slice of pizza for 500k”
Yachty wrote, “Selling this Drake bit slice of pizza for 500k”

Rapper Drake recently made the news for a rather bizarre yet interesting reason. His fellow rapper and friend Lil Yachty posted a picture of the Passion Fruit singer’s half-eaten pizza on Instagram and joked that it is available for sale for $500,000 (half a million dollars, or INR 4.12 crores). 

Yachty wrote, “Selling this Drake bit slice of pizza for 500k”. The post went viral when a fan took the joke seriously and tweeted, “Lil Yachty trying to sell a slice of pizza bitten by Drake is the craziest thing on the internet today.”

This, however, is not the first-time memorabilia of a celebrity has been priced insanely. Do you remember the time Lady Gaga broke her acrylic pinky nail which was picked up by a stagehand and then sold for $12,000?

As for Drake, he himself is big on celebrity memorabilia. He is one of the few public figures who have a personally autographed sports jersey collection. He owns autographed gifts from everyone from soccer icon Maradona to the 44th president of the United States to sized 22 Shaquille O'Neal Reebok Pump which he proudly calls a "registered weapon."

Drake will even appear in Netflix’s upcoming series. King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch where you can see the behind-the-scenes action of buying and selling rare collectables like vintage Apple computers, LeBron James triple Logoman cards, and more.

The synopsis reads, "Specializing in sports and pop culture memorabilia, Ken knows what he wants and won’t leave a room without the goods. Keep an eye out for guest celebs Mike Tyson, Ric Flair, Karl Malone, Joe Montana and Logan Paul — who sit down with Ken as prospective buyers or sellers."

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