Echoes of Earth Music Festival returns with its 6th edition this December [DEETS]

This year, the theme for Echoes of Earth will be Ensemble of the Wild, which will highlight the significance of the Western Ghats
Echoes of Earth music festival
Echoes of Earth music festival

Over the last five years, the music festival Echoes of Earth has established itself as one of the most unique live music experiences in India. Now, the festival announced its much-awaited sixth edition, which will take place on December 2-3 this year.

This year, the theme for Echoes of Earth will be Ensemble of the Wild, which will highlight the significance of the Western Ghats, India's most abundant biodiversity hotspot. The event aims to emphasise the delicate balance and harmonious relationships between flora, wildlife, habitats and ecosystems of the Western Ghats.

Echoes of Earth emphasises the critical that each species plays in preserving the ecological balance that is promoted through meaningful art and educational debates across media, such as panel discussions and workshops, by showing this interwoven interdependence.

The festival is also enlarging its reach into other states by creating a community and demonstrating its dedication by holding Minicerts in Kolkata, Goa and Mumbai. The connection of the abundant biodiversity, that is hyperlocal to these communities, is highlighted by these mini-events that operate as a powerful educational platform.

Echoes of Earth Founder and Festival Director Roshan Netalkar stated, “We are very excited to announce the 6th edition of Echoes – having built a credible community over the last 5-6 years, the onus is on us to innovate further on making the theme and actions on the ground even better. I am also personally very close to this year’s theme of the western ghats which will be brought alive through art and meaningful conversations. And of course, we have a variety of incredible live acts across genres, Indian crowd favourites and international acts as well. All culminating into a festival with responsible celebration.” 

The festival is renowned for assembling diverse lineups of musicians from around the world, showcasing a variety of genres. These include electronica, folk, funk, house techno, Indie, jazz, soul and world music. Some of the well-known names in the industry performing in the upcoming edition include Jitvam, Len Faki, Mansur Brown, Mezerg, Sid Sriram and Tinariwen.

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