MC Square blends Haryanvi tunes with hip-hop for lovestruck track 'Mashooka'

The track is not only emotionally resonant but also irresistibly catchy

author_img IANS Published :  27th September 2023 01:45 PM   |   Published :   |  27th September 2023 01:45 PM
MC Square, the winner of MTV Hustle 2.0, has embarked on an emotional journey with his latest release, Mashooka blending traditional Haryana folk music with contemporary elements to captivate audience

MC Square’s ‘Mashooka’ explores boundless depths of love’s pursuit

The winner of MTV Hustle 2.0, rapper MC Square is back to conquer the music scene once again with his latest release Mashooka, and has called it an emotional journey. Staying true to his roots in Haryana’s folk music, especially in Ragini, MC Square brings a contemporary twist to this traditional genre, creating a musical masterpiece that's set to captivate audiences worldwide, creating a blend that transcends cultural boundaries. 

Mashooka is a musical journey that tells a compelling story of one-sided love, where a young man pours his heart out to win the affection of his beloved. MC Square’s hard-hitting rap lyrics provide a gripping narrative as he expresses the struggle of trying to catch her attention and spending countless hours driving around in his car, all in pursuit of love. 

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With his signature blend of Haryanvi and Hip Hop elements, MC Square delivers a track that is not only emotionally resonant but also irresistibly catchy.  Talking about his new track Abhishek Baisla a.k.a MC Square shared: ‘I am firstly overwhelmed with the love I have received for ‘Laado’. With ‘Mashooka’, it is an emotional journey.” 

“It's about the relentless pursuit of love and the lengths we're willing to go to make that connection. It is a blend of my signature style, Haryanvi roots along with modern hip-hop influences that drive me,” he said. 

MC Square added that he can't wait for his fans to experience this fusion. Mashooka is poised to be a chart-topping hit that bridges the gap between tradition and modernity, showcasing MC Square’s unmatched talent for crafting music that transcends boundaries. 

MC Square is known for rapping in his mother tongue - Haryanvi and for combining his lyrical dexterity with his charming dialect. He has also done collaborations with notable artists such as Paradox, Amrit Maan, and Shehnaaz Gill.

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