Viral sensation Justh reveals his best moment from the shoot of his music video for 'Chor' and more

We rope in the trending singer-songwriter for a detailed chat about his experience making the song, its meaning and much more
Justh in the Chor music video
Justh in the Chor music video

Your endless scroll on social media must have already introduced you to the brilliant composition of Chor. The song’s soulful tunes and rooted lyrics have been the themes of conversations for many. While some are trying to decode the message put forth by its creator, Justh, many are creating their renditions. Chor is now ranking high in the curated playlists of major music streaming platforms. We rope in the singer-songwriter to learn more about this masterpiece and why it has grown in prominence.

The meaning of Chor
Justh actively avoids breaking down the meaning of the song on any occasion, he tells us. “The kind of art that I aspire to make is the one that I hope stands the test of time,” he highlights, adding, “As a creator, if I tell the audience that ‘this is the particular meaning’ or ‘this was my thought’, then that restricts their meaning or thoughts.” For him, the song and his art have greater depth as it is viewed similarly to how individuals perceive nature. Citing the example of the Sun, he points out that just like it has various interpretations to many, aligning with their consciousness and understanding, the meaning of the song is also open to interpretations.

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Although admitting that he was surprised by some of the interpretations he has seen online, he reveals to us that he always intended its meaning to remain abstract. “The song is an individual entity and I truly believe that it belongs to the listeners,” he says. Reacting to the theories that the song interprets death or life as the character of a chor (thief), he assures that there is no right or wrong answer. Interestingly, the song has also evolved in meaning and interpretation by Justh himself.

Best moment from Chor
Chor’s music video, which was released, recently has also become the talk of the town. With the serene environment of Varanasi, the effect of Chor’s final verse calling for freedom for the individual is amplified. Our query to Justh about a memorable moment from the shoot prompts him to dissect a beautiful long shot from the music video. Crediting the brilliant work put forth by the production team comprising of director Prince Shah, cinematographer Neil Jain and other members of the production unit, Justh recollects the magical moment — while singing the lyrics kar de mujhe azaad (make me free), the two birds flying over his head were real, thus further amplifying the meaning of the lyrics and elevating the visual aesthetic of the song as a whole.

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Spirit of Chor
The singer-songwriter informs us that the writing styles or techniques of any particular literary icons did not inspire the song itself. It did, however, come about as a result of the spirit that these legends employed in their works. The honesty and truth they presented in their projects moved Justh to do the same. Further, he elucidates his opinion on the influence of poetry on music. He mentions that the words in his songs are of utmost importance to him. For Justh, the lyrics have to make the listeners feel a certain way, devoid to the intention of impressing someone and being true to themselves.

Chor music video is streaming on YouTube.

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