Echoes of Earth announces its final lineup for debut edition in Goa

Echoes of Earth
Echoes of Earth

Echoes of Earth, India’s greenest festival is hitting Goa for the first time and they just dropped their lineup of performances and artists for this year’s festival! The festival is in Goa, so you know they're keeping it as authentic as possible! They’re kicking it off with traditional Goan performances like ghode modni and Ghumot music

For the first ever Goa edition of the festival, they have handpicked a variety of artistes both international and local! The extremely varied lineup includes artists like Satori, Glassbeams, Oden & Fatzo, (((O))) of Sundrop Garden, Garden City Movement and that’s not even all of it. They have artistes more on the international front as well.

Adding a little spice to this already diverse lineup of artists we have the latest Indian and Goan artists as well like Leaxan Freitas, Merak, Elbows, Dualist Inquiry and so many more artists!

This seems to make the festival is for music-enthusiasts of all ages! Echoes have got educational sessions, workshops on butterflies, bugs, geckoes and more! There are also a bunch of fun activities like music workshops, face painting and a festival walk through all lined up in the Greener Side Zone, so there's really something for everyone to enjoy.

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