Jasleen Royal unveils ‘Assi Sajna’: A new shade in her love anthem saga

Jasleen opens up about the themes that the song explores, who her inspirations are and what's next in store from her
In frame: Jasleen Royal
In frame: Jasleen Royal

She made us yearn for a loving relationship with Sang Rahiyo. We crooned to the magical jugalbandi of love with Heeriye. We also witnessed love transcending ages and periods of history in the form of heartfelt memories with soulful score and vocals in Dastoor. Along with her Bollywood releases, there is no question that with each release, singer-songwriter, music producer, and ‘queen of wedding anthems’, Jasleen Royal, has hit it out of the park.

In frame: Jasleen Royal
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This time around, Jasleen explores the realm of love with a slightly different approach. One that focuses on selfdiscovery, self-love and the journey of life. Assi Sajna, the latest independent release from the crooner, is a vibrant song narrating the story, which she says, is ‘for everyone with a little bit of wanderlust and love in their hearts!’. In our conversation, we dive deeper into understanding the song’s inspiration, her experiences from its production process, her love for the collaborators that she works with, her acting process, and much more.

The perfect summer song

Jasleen opens up about how the song was conceived a year back, and how she perceives the themes and message of the song. “The song was conceived and composed a year ago. In my head, it is the perfect summer song. It’s all about loving small things in your life. That’s what it makes me feel like — enjoying that good cup of coffee with your friends, going on a road trip with them, listening to your favourite songs. Or the song can also be about doing nothing — maybe spending time with your dogs or reading that favourite book of yours. It makes me feel all of these things,” she highlights.

ideo of this song was a reflection of what she internally felt about the lyrics (sculpted by lyricist Aditya Sharma). As she reflects on the beautifully shot frames of the music video, she recalls walking down the streets of Bangkok (the backdrop for the character in the music video). “I love the walk that I take in Bangkok’s Chinatown. It felt like somebody was coming into their own,” she expresses, adding , “We all go through ups and downs in life. So the song is like a reminder to do the little things that lift your spirits, slowly evolving yourself out of sad moments.” The experience of creating this song and producing its music video was made all the more memorable for Jasleen, as it felt like a bunch of friends travelling together. But the crew did face some challenges as she points out, “Working on the audio was challenging, frustrating, and fun, all at the same time (laughs). With Intense (music producer), who lives in Vancouver, there was always a 12 to 13-hour time difference. Either I would be super exhausted or he would be zonked out. The process was indeed frustrating, but it became funny towards the end. It was also an interesting experience because I have mostly worked with people locally, in Mumbai.”

Revisiting love

Jasleen’s recent additions to her discography are filled with the exploration of different iterations of love stories. Be it the sizzling chemistry with Dulquer Salmaan in Heeriye, along with the featured vocals of Arijit Singh, or the innocent yet strong force of romance in Dastoor, Jasleen currently seems to rule the channel of the love anthem. With this new pop number added to her repertoire, we prompt the singer to let us in on her opinion of what makes this subject worth revisiting. She highlights how love is present in different shades and how her personal experiences also pushed her to revisit such themes. “Kho Gaye Hum Khahan, earlier on in my musical journey, was a song that was all about companionship, friendship, and love related to such relationships. Sang Rahiyo, on the other hand, was all about the initial stages of love, and the vulnerability of being very sensitive to the other person’s comments, essentially being able to be your complete self in front of somebody. Ranjha, on the other hand, was a breakup song — not about my breakup, but my best friend’s,” she clarifies quickly. She further reflects, “I tend to feel things deeply and have a lot of empathy. So sometimes I do tell other people’s stories through my songs. And this song (Assi Sajna) is just about loving life. Life has everything in it — romantic love, friendships, favourite food, favourite spot, favourite travel buddy, etc. Assi Sajna captures all these forms of love.”

In frame: Jasleen Royal
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Jasleen, the actor

We all know about the musician Jasleen Royal, but it is the actor Jasleen Royal who’s been secretly acing each music video release. She has had brilliant chemistry with her co-actors in her recent releases, so we ask her who else from Tinsel Town is about to join the ‘Jasleen Royal Music Video Cinematic Universe’. After a light chuckle, she teases us. “Very big surprises are coming your way, but just give me a month or two before that. It will be worth the wait, I promise!” she signs off.

Just a Sec with Jasleen:

Top 5 musical artistes that have influenced your career: AR Rahman, Amit Trivedi, Coldplay, Julia Micheals and Lucky Ali

What would you have been if not a singer/musician: I would have been in sports. I was big on playing cricket at one point. Right now, I’m learning to play lawn tennis. I love playing the game. Also, the way I have hustled till now, if not an artiste, I would have ventured into artiste management well.

A song on your playlist that's been on a loop recently:  I would shamelessly say Assi Sajna. I've seen it on Reels constantly and people have been messaging me about it too. It’s been on my mind constantly.

Your preferred outfit for a Sunday outing: Honestly, I am very lazy. It is my stylist Prasad Mangasoli who brings out the best in me. If it is up to me, I’d say oversized is my vibe.

What's next in the pipeline: One of my biggest projects ever is releasing soon in a month or so.

Assi Sajna is streaming on YouTube and all other audio platforms

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