El Fé’s 'The Movement - Edition 3' to showcase an electrifying African-urban sound in Chennai this weekend

The choral group's director, Roe Vincent, chats with us ahead of the performance
Members of El Fé
Members of El Fé

There are very few musical ensembles that have made a mark in the city’s musical landscape as Roe Vincent’s choral group, El Fé has. Let alone the fact that the ensemble has vibrantly reinvented choral singing, changing the perception of the genre altogether, El Fé has also induced lots of excitement and entertainment in their live performances.

Returning with another highenergy, high-intensity performance curated by Quriosity, the ensemble is all set to bring out the best of Afrobeat, Reggae, Reggaeton, RnB, and Gospel while also highlighting their choreographed dancing prowess.

Members of El Fé
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The Movement - Edition 3 will not only carry forward the amplified experience from previous shows by the group but will also stand out on its own. The group’s director joins us for a conversation to throw more light on the show. She highlights how this show will be different from its earlier performances. “The Movement - 3 concert will stand out from its preceding exhibitions by showcasing an even more dynamic and vibrant performance, with new surprises, collaborations, and musical experiences that will leave the audience in awe,” Roe expresses.

She also highlights how the genre incites a greater audience engagement in these shows, hereby becoming a vital part of the experience altogether. “The Afrobeat nature of El Fé's performances under The Movement exhibitions has, indeed, enabled some of the best sing-alongs for the crowd, creating an electrifying atmosphere where the audience can’t help but join in and feel the music and dance moves,” she explains.

Members of El Fé
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One of the most iconic identities of the group is derived from their ability to stand out in their presentation during such performances as well. We prompt Roe about how El Fé zeros in on the costumes that add much value to its performances.

She replies, “We put a lot of thought and creativity into curating our outfits for each show. From bold colours to intricate designs, our outfits are meticulously chosen to complement the theme and energ y of the show, enhancing the overall visual appeal.”

The group has previously performed with Anirudh Ravichander for Once Upon A Time world tour; Vijay Antony’s national tour, Chess Olympiad, and for audio launches like Ponniyan Selvan 1 and 2, El Fé is sure to hit it out of the park yet again crooning some regional hits with twists, while also producing some surprises in terms of original tunes.

Tickets start at INR 399.

June 8, 7 pm onwards.

At Barracuda Brew, Nungambakkam.

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