Zellix opens up about the inspiration behind his latest track, Sabar

Balancing his roles as a singer, songwriter, and composer, Zellix has honed his skills through years of dedicated practice

Rising artist Zellix has captured audience attention with his latest track Sabar, a song that delves into the emotions of waiting and longing. Zellix shared insights into his creative process, and the impact of digital platforms on his music career.

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The artiste said that while crafting Sabar in 2021, he faced significant challenges due to limited equipment, even having to borrow a microphone from a friend. "The first challenge was that I had very little equipment; I didn't even have a mic and had to borrow one from my friend," he recalls.

Despite these hurdles, he was determined to convey the experience of waiting and finding excuses to justify the long wait for a loved one. "I wanted to use a lot of instruments that people do not generally use in this type of pop music, such as a violin with upbeat drums," Zellix explains. The mixing process was particularly challenging, requiring numerous versions before he finalized it for release.

Balancing his roles as a singer, songwriter, and composer, Zellix has honed his skills through years of dedicated practice. "I started my music journey with music production and spent a lot of time improving my craft and skills," he says. He began with music production, then moved on to singing and composing, and finally songwriting. "I do believe that I'm a better music producer and composer than a singer, as I am still learning and exploring new things day by day."

Zellix's music resonates deeply with his listeners, often providing solace during difficult times. He aims to give his audience something they can enjoy and find peace in. "A lot of my listeners send me messages about how my songs help them in their hard times, and for me, that is my biggest achievement," he says. One listener shared that Zellix's song Chalo Chalein saved his life by helping him see the positive side of life during tough times. "This was a very significant moment in my musical career, which impacted me a lot, personally."

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With the rise of digital platforms, Zellix has adapted his approach to releasing and promoting music. "Short video platforms like Reels, Shorts, and TikTok are now the most effective ways to promote music," he notes. However, he acknowledges the challenge of capturing the audience's fleeting attention, making it crucial for songs to be catchy and memorable.

Through his journey, Zellix continues to evolve as an artiste, connecting with his audience through heartfelt music and innovative promotion strategies.

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