Vasu Kainth on his debut EP, 'Silsile'

The EP was released earlier this month
Vasu Kainth
Vasu Kainth

Musician Vasu Kainth's has recently released his debut EP Silsile. The young and rising independent artiste, Vasu has amassed a wide fanbase from his online presence, with his creative and unique music mashup videos often touching a million views.

Vasu's EP Silsile is a showcase of his talent and musical diversity. He says, "If I had to describe the overall experience in one word, it would be ‘beautiful’ because, for me, music-making is a very beautiful process. Sometimes I don’t even understand how these thoughts come into my mind. Who is putting them there? How are they getting into my mind? If they were already there, then why is this song being made now? Why wasn’t it made earlier? It’s amazing."

"I get really amazed myself, wondering what’s happening. So, the overall experience while creating tracks for my EP was very beautiful. I had a lot of fun making the songs, and there’s still a lot of feel in the songs. They are fun songs, and I really enjoy listening to all four of them myself," he adds.

Vasu Kainth
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When asked about his upcoming projects and collaborations, Vasu shares, "As for upcoming projects, there is my independent EP, which will again have four songs. One of the songs has already been released. As of now, I haven’t decided on a name for the EP yet, but it should be coming out soon. There are also talks of another collaboration. However, I can’t say much about it at the moment because nothing has been confirmed yet."

Vasu Kainth
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