In frame: Siennor
In frame: Siennor

Tamil artiste Siennor delves into his musical influences and more ahead of his performance in Chennai

The crooner earlier released an album called Agappor, which is sonically different and explores his journey and experiences

Tamil indie singer-songwriter-composer Siennor is all set to liven up the stage this weekend. One must would have come across his beautiful voice on social media, while he played his guitar, and his live sessions have garnered many views online.

The crooner earlier released an album called Agappor, which is sonically different and explores his journey and experiences. Siennor’s electronic act, Metropolitan Koothaadi previews are also making waves, introducing a vibrant new identity to electronic music. Ahead of his show, Vaa Pogalaam, curated by Quriosity, we chat with him and learn what to expect from the show, the importance of versatility as an artiste and more.


What can we expect from your performance on Friday?

We’re playing a bunch of our existing songs and a couple of songs we’ve never performed earlier — featuring the trio, Vinay Ramakrishnan on the drums, Aravind Murali on the Bass guitar, and myself. The set will be a pleasant musical, sonic, and poetic experience.

In frame: Siennor
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Your music features a range of sounds from electronic beats and fast rhythms, to slower scores. How important is versatility for you?

More than versatility, we (the Siennor trio) look at it as catering to each song’s requirements. Not all emotions and moods are the same, and we try our best to stay true to the tenor of each song and its theme.

Who would you describe as the greatest influence on your music?

This is a long list, ranging from classical to contemporary acts that exist now. To name a few, MS Viswanathan and Kaviarasu Kannadasan duo, The Doors, Queen, and Jack Johnson.

In frame: Siennor
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Tamil indie has been on the rise both nationally and internationally. Do you feel audiences have evolved in their consumption of music?

I feel it’s a slow and gradual process, and it’s taking its sweet time. I’m very happy with the fact that Tamil audiences are open to new poetry, sounds, and music, and they never hesitate to support if they like what they hear.

What’s next in the pipeline?

The next release will be an electronic project, Metropolitan Koothaadi, as I simultaneously write new material and perform with the Siennor Trio.

Rs. 499 onwards.

Tickets available online. On June 17.

7 pm onwards. At Barracuda Brew, Nungambakkam

In frame: Siennor
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