Aditya Jassi's latest drop ‘Jaanejaan’ explores the feeling of being in love

Jaanejaan is streaming across all music platforms
Aditya Jassi
Aditya Jassi

Aditya Jassi, a versatile and electrifying singer-songwriter, composer, and music producer who continues to delight audiences all over the world with his dynamic stage presence and distinct musical style has dropped his latest single, Jaanejaan.

With over 20 years of professional experience, Aditya seamlessly blends Western rock/pop, Bollywood and retro influences to create a sound that is his unique creation. Aditya’s brilliant music and heartfelt lyrics have been combines to create a captivating track. The meticulously crafted music video, directed by the visionary Karan Sidhu, promises an immersive experience that will captivate audiences worldwide.

Aditya made his Bollywood debut with the song Yaad Aaye Woh Din for the Anand L Rai-directed film Strangers in 2007. He continued to contribute to Bollywood soundtracks, including notable performances in Dil Kabaddi (2008) and Jugaad (2009), highlighting his versatility and talent.

Aditya says, “Love makes you go through myriad feelings. All at once. On the surface of it, you try to stay calm but deep within there’s a storm of pure uncontrollable emotion, brewing, waiting to blow everyone away leaving behind just the two of you. That’s what Jaanejaan is. Whatever your mood or wherever you are in life with your relationship, you’ll be able to perceive and connect with the song accordingly."

Aditya Jassi
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"When I wrote, composed and sang it, I did so adding a happy, “new-love” sort of connotation to it, a coming together of two people if you will. But when Karan Sidhu came up with the video concept, it kind of gave it a darker tone to the song. He made it about falling apart," he adds.

Jaanejaan is an old school pop-rock style, ballad that starts off with a melodic guitar plucking and ends with a full-blown orchestration of sorts.

“I wanted to capture the serenity and purity of falling in love in the verse eventually builds into a raw, screaming, passionate chorus. I always wanted a saxophone solo that gave it a bit of a Dream Theater vibe and the only person I could think of was Abhay Sharma. That man is a magician. He sent a couple of takes and honestly, that’s all it took. It amalgamated the chorus into an outro perfectly,” adds Aditya.

Jaanejaan is streaming on all music platforms.

Aditya Jassi
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