Metastar and sitarist Purbayan Chatterjee blend tradition with tech in latest offering

Purbayan’s Classicool is a part of Metastar’s Artisteverse
(L-R) Shatadru Sarkar, Purbayan Chatterjee
(L-R) Shatadru Sarkar, Purbayan Chatterjee

In an exclusive interview with Shatadru Sarkar, the visionary behind Metastar Media's Artisteverse and renowned sitar maestro Purbayan Chatterjee, the duo discuss the groundbreaking Web3 platform revolutionizing artist-fan interactions.

Artisteverse, a comprehensive direct-to-fan platform, combines cutting-edge technology with immersive experiences to empower artists and delight fans.

As Chatterjee's joins the Artisteverse, the interview delves into the platform's inception, its unique features and the exciting possibilities it offers for the future of music consumption and artist monetization in the digital age.

How did the idea of launching a metaverse platform originate?

Shatadru Sarkar: The original idea was to help artistes become more independent and autonomous using new technologies and to address certain limitations of the current music business. Artisteverse was created as a platform to bridge the gap between artistes and fans, celebrate the art and legacy of artistes, and help them monetize their brand better. 

Tell us more about the platform and how it will help the people visiting the platform.

Shatadru Sarkar: For fans, Artisteverse is the ultimate virtual playground offering exclusive music, videos, merchandise, VIP concert passes, NFTs, chats with artists, masterclasses, and metaverse experiences. For artists, it's a vehicle to bring audiences into their creative world, build their brand, and engage a deeply connected fan community. Artists get their own custom-designed platform with access to valuable fan data.

Who else are you hoping to feature on Artisteverse?
Shatadru Sarkar:
We have several new launches in the pipeline, with interest from musicians to dancers. In the current digital landscape, where streaming revenue is insignificant for many artists and discovery is challenging, Artisteverse allows artists to engage with fans on their own terms, build their brand, and monetize across various offerings.

Purbayan Chatterjee: I have always wondered what I can add to the audio-visual experience in this day and age when you have practised music for many years in your life, creating music becomes second nature, but in this day and age of technology, and AI, the logical step would be to welcome the listener into an immersive audio-visual experience.

(L-R) Shatadru Sarkar, Purbayan Chatterjee
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What according to you is the future of metaverse platforms like Classicool? How far can it go?
Purbayan Chatterjee:
I really think that we should be able to do weekly or monthly concerts in the metaverse. We are already working on that. It would mean the creation of a global platform on which the talent known to me can perform on a global stage where a listener from London or New York could access not only my music, but the music of all those who are associated with my foundation.

Written by Jaanhvi Nagpal

(L-R) Shatadru Sarkar, Purbayan Chatterjee
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