World Music Day 2024: DJ Alan Walker on his love story with India

We bring you our fun chat with the ever-so-bubbly Alan Walker, who was in Bengaluru recently...
DJ Alan Walker
DJ Alan Walker

He is one of the most loved DJs, not just in India, but across the globe. With several awards to his name, he has quite literally made the stage his own. He loves to perform shows in India and we will be blessed with yet another tour by him later this year.

Therefore, Alan Walker doesn’t need any more introduction. The Norwegian DJ was in Bengaluru earlier this year for the launch of RCB’s anthem for IPL 2024. Ahead of World Music Day, we quickly got into a fun chat with the award-winning DJ to talk about music, his love for India and lots more…

Alan, you are no stranger to India. What do you like about us the most?

I think the last time when I was here, I witnessed a lot of energy and a lot of passion. My fans here had been waiting for my return for quite some time because I think it was a few years since I last performed here. You recently released your latest EP Who I Am.

Can you take us through it?

I released Who I Am initially with Putri Ariani and Peder Elias. Putri is an Indonesian vocalist and Peder was from Norway and their voices matched really well. And then we had the EP released shortly after and we included an Alan Walker remix, an Alan Walker VIP remix and we had a version with Indian mashup artiste Gravero (Sourav Ray). The EP overall turned out really amazing! The Gravero remix was really unique because it had an Indian influence in it. The music and the instruments he chose really brought out the Indian touch.

DJ Alan Walker
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But how did the idea of the EP originate in the first place?

Sometimes when we release singles, we usually try to find people to make remixes. And then I made many different versions of Who I Am. Initially when we were working on the song, we were like, Oh, this song could really work with this remix. So, let’s just put together an EP and bring in more up-tempo remixes but also different variants of the song.

When you are not touring or making music, what does your daily routine look like?

If I’m not on tour or making music, I probably just spend a lot of time gaming. I usually play Call of Duty or Old School RuneScape.

How do you prepare for shows where you have to perform on consecutive days?

When it comes to back-to-back shows, for example, if I was doing a Walkerworld or Aviation Tour, I would tend to have a preset playlist. And how I would play throughout the set could fluctuate. I would sometimes have vocalists with me, who would sing on top of the song and give a whole new addition to the show. Sometimes, I would prepare a set, sometimes, I don’t prepare a set at all.

And then rest becomes an integral part of it. Doesn’t it?

Yes, absolutely. Sleep is very important and you don’t always get enough sleep when you’re touring on a very hectic schedule. But still, a few hours is enough.

An Indian artiste you would love to collaborate with?

I think working with Pritam could be very cool. We have been in the studio together a few years ago. Then there is King. You have so many options and tons of opportunities.

Finally, what can we expect from you this year?

I am always working on new music. And I am all set for my biggest-ever India tour with Sunburn Arena. The 10-city tour will kick off in Kolkata (September 27) and culminate in Hyderabad (October 20). I can’t wait to be back and I am all ready to create some unforgettable moments together with my desi fans.

Who I Am is streaming on all audio platforms.


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DJ Alan Walker
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