Listen to unheard Baul compositions in this documentary on Parvathy Das Baul

The first video drops today on the occasion of World Music Day
Parvathy Das Baul
Parvathy Das Baul

On the occasion of World Music Day, get to see and hear internationally acclaimed Baul singer Parvathy Das Baul as SVF Music drops a groundbreaking documentary on the living legend.  

The documentary directed by Subhadeep Guha will capture the essence of Baul songs, transitioning from Akhra to the screen. It features five unique and previously unheard songs that will enrich the digital landscape with the rich legacy of folk music.

The essence of each song highlights the values imbibed at Sanatan Siddashram and reflects on the spirituality of Baul Music. Parvathy mentions, “In the era of commercial release, the thought of bringing up the untouched, rich Baul culture, directly from the 'Akhra' to the 'Screens', requires a lot of courage.”

Parvathy Das Baul
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She continues about her work experience stating, “We have been preparing this project for the last one year. My first work with Subhadeep Guha, didn't feel that way as we both completed the project hand in hand. His music directorial expertise and the contribution of each musician has enhanced the songs in various ways. I hope this project will be an asset as a documentation of Baul way of living”.

This documentary features 3 episodes and 5 unheard Baul songs. Director Subhadeep Guha recalls, “This one is extremely close to my heart. Working closely with Parvathy Baul, that too with a subject like Baul Music, is a lifetime experience. As a team, we have worked very hard to maintain the authenticity of each song and bring out the root essence of Baul music.”

Listeners get to hear five new songs which include diverse understanding of the world and spirituality. Kul Kolonko, this song of the Baul Sadhus poignantly expresses the pain and suffering inherent in their lives.

It is a song of spiritual consciousness, conveying the sentiment of having sacrificed everything to join the company of the sadhus. The lyrics and composition are traditional while the rendition is by Sanatan Das Baul.

Second is Ashche Jamai Digombor, which was once sung by early Bauls, tells the story of Lord Shiva, who sang in five different raagas with his five faces. It also narrates the tale of the marriage between Shiva and Parvati.

The third song is Hori Namer Tori , which speaks of the devotion that came to Bengal through the chanting of Hori’s name. Nityananda Mahaprabhu, the flag bearer of this devotion, played a pivotal role in reintegrating the oppressed Baul community into mainstream society. The poet and composer for the song is  Radhashyam Das while the rendition is by Salabat Mahato.

Deeno Tarini, the fourth composition, is written and composed by Parvathy Baul. It is an integral part of Baul spiritual practice. Dedicated to Maa Tara, it aims to empower women and delves into the emotional depths of life. Notably, this song marks the first use of the double bass instrument in Baul music.

Parvathy Das Baul
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Nachiye Nachiye depicts the story of Lord Krishna's childhood and the relationship between a Guru and his disciple. It is a bhaab - prodhan (mood specific) musical piece by poet and composer Haralal Goshai and the rendition by Shashanko Goshai.

The first video releases today on the official channel of SVF Music.  

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