Musician Shreyas Puranik reflects on his journey on World Music Day

Puranik has composed a list of popular tracks in recent times.
Shreyas Puranik
Shreyas Puranik

As the world celebrates World Music Day 2024, acclaimed singer and composer Shreyas Puranik takes a moment to reflect on his remarkable journey through the realms of music.

Music has been the driving force in Shreyas’ life since childhood. "Music has always been my passion since childhood. I was deeply inspired by the way music can convey emotions and connect people across cultures," he shares. This early fascination has only grown stronger over the years, fuelling his creative endeavours and guiding his artistic path.

Shreyas Puranik
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To maintain his motivation and produce unique compositions, Puranik draws inspiration from the everyday world around him. "To stay motivated and create unique compositions, I draw inspiration from everyday life, emotions, and diverse musical traditions. Collaborating with other musicians and constantly exploring new genres and techniques also keeps my creativity flowing," he explains.

Traditional Indian music holds a special place in Puranik's heart. He speaks passionately about its rich cultural heritage and timeless depth of expression. In today's contemporary music scene, there is a burgeoning interest in blending these traditional elements with modern genres such as electronic, jazz, and pop. "In the contemporary music scene, there's a growing interest in blending traditional elements with modern genres like electronic, jazz, or pop. I integrate traditional ragas, rhythms, and instruments such as the tabla and sitar into my compositions, creating a fusion that honours the past while innovating for the future," he notes.

One of the significant milestones in Shreyas Puranik's career was his collaboration with the legendary filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Working as a music associate on films like Bajirao Mastani, Padmaavat, and Gangubai Kathiawadi was transformative for Puranik. "Working on films like Bajirao Mastani, Padmaavat, and Gangubai Kathiawadi as a music associate with Bhansali was a pivotal turning point in my career. His profound musical knowledge and vision profoundly influenced my artistic journey," he acknowledges.

Shreyas Puranik
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As Shreyas reflects on his journey on this World Music Day, he is filled with gratitude for the opportunities and experiences that have shaped his career as he looks forward to the future, eager to explore new horizons and create music that resonates with audiences around the world.

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