Coke Studio Tamil’s ‘Kalyana Kacheri’ celebrates the joy of marriage with a vibrant blend of traditional and contemporary rhythms

The song, composed by Justin Prabhakaran, is sung by Sithara Krishnakumar and Kapil Kapilan
A poster of Kalyana Kacheri
A poster of Kalyana Kacheri

Kalyana Kacheri blends traditional kuthu pattu with upbeat pop rhythms and the soothing melodies of classical instruments like the Nadaswaram and Thavil.

A poster of Kalyana Kacheri
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The song paints a vivid auditory canvas, capturing not only the jubilant sounds of the wedding ceremony but also the bustling atmosphere around the food. The playful banter woven into the song adds a touch of humour, reflecting the camaraderie characteristic of Tamil wedding gatherings. 

Thrilled to be part of this vibrant musical venture, Justin Prabhakaran, who has composed the song, tells us, "I believe Coke Studio Tamil will be a launchpad for many budding talents. Crafting Kalyana Kacheri was pure joy, capturing the essence of weddings - joy, celebration, and delicious feasts. I hope listeners enjoy it as much as I did composing it. The collaboration with Kapil, Sithara, and other talented musicians was magical."

Sharing her thoughts on the collaboration, Sithara Krishnakumar says, “Coke Studio is a remarkable platform that unites individuals from diverse backgrounds to share and showcase their musical talents. Kalyana Kacheri, composed by Justin Prabhakaran, is a vibrant marriage song brimming with energy. Collaborating with Sithara was an absolute delight.”

A poster of Kalyana Kacheri
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Kapil Kapilan adds, “As a South Indian artist, I eagerly anticipated being part of Coke Studio Tamil. I'm excited to witness the audience's response to the music and celebratory essence infused into our song. Working with the team, including Justin Prabhakar and Kapil Kapilan, was an absolute pleasure. Together, we've crafted a larger-than-life wedding song. Our song exudes our unique vibe, which I'm certain listeners will thoroughly enjoy. Idhu semma vibe!"

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