Experience the magic of love with Stebin Ben and Neeti Mohan’s new release ‘Chahun’

Chahun is streaming across all music platforms
Stebin (L), Neeti (R)
Stebin (L), Neeti (R)

This monsoon embrace the magic of love with the release of Chahun, a dreamy romantic song in voices of Stebin Ben and Neeti Mohan. Composed by the talented Harsh Kargeti, this love song is poised to fill your heart with the sweet feeling of newfound love.

Stebin (L), Neeti (R)
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Chahun is more than just a song; it’s an experience that will make you feel like skipping through a field of wildflowers, together with your soulmate. This beautiful composition, combined with Stebin and Neeti's vocals, creates a melody that will resonate deeply with anyone who listens.

The music video for Chahun is equally captivating. Set against the stunning backdrop of snow-capped peaks and a clear blue sky, it features Stebin alongside the charming Sargun Kaur Luthra giving total Yash Chopra movie vibes. As they chase each other through the snow, the camera captures the vastness of the scenery, symbolising the boundless love they share.

"Working with Neeti and Harsh on Chahun has been a fun experience. This is our first-ever collaboration and the fact that it has turned out to be the perfect love song for this season fills me with utmost joy. I really hope everyone loves the track and makes some interesting reels to it," says Stebin.

Neeti adds, ‘’I am very excited about the song Chahun, it’s a beautiful ballad. Also, it is my first time singing together with Stebin and collaborating with him and Harsh (composer), Samay (writer) has been a wonderful experience. I believe the song has already got a great response on reels, I hope everyone enjoys the track as much as we did while recording it!"

Stebin (L), Neeti (R)
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Chahun was teased a week before on Instagram, creating a wave of excitement among fans and gearing them up for this monsoon’s love song. Now, the wait is over, and the track is officially available on all platforms.

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