New survey reveals millennials and Gen Z in India crave personalised music experiences [DEETS]

The survey also highlights a growing trend towards multilingual music experiences in India
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The current generation cannot do without music and we aren't up for debating this claim! Their day starts with peppy music and ends with mellow tracks.

Even during the day, they have their headphones on. This constant need for music is what inspired JBL’s latest report where they surveyed,1269 respondents from among Gen Z and millennials in India. 

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One pertinent question this survey highlights is the growing appetite for AI-powered music. Additionally, this tech-savvy demographic chosen for the survey also curves more personalised music experiences. Some of the key takeaways from the same are mentioned below: 

  • 85 per cent of the respondents believe that music transcends cultural boundaries and unites people globally. This is an interesting observation as more and more regional talent is emerging and taking over the musical landscape, especially in India. 

  • 83 per cent of the respondents are interested in AI-powered music and are looking to leverage the technology to discover music from different cultures and languages. Additionally, 43 per cent of the respondents appreciate features like intelligent playlist curation and automatic audio optimization. 

  • About 52 per cent of the respondents attribute music to evoke strong emotions. This emotional connection underscores the rising demand for AI tools that facilitate cross-cultural discovery and personalized listening experiences.

  • While users are enthusiastic about AI-enabled music, they are essentially looking at the technology to customise their musical experiences. Personalized recommendations based on preferences were the top choice (33 per cent), followed closely by cross-language song identification (30 per cent). 

  • Around 30 per cent of the respondents conveyed their interest in AI but also pointed out the key areas of improvement namely voice recognition accuracy. Also, almost 30 per cent of users have crowned AI-powered Bluetooth speakers as their favourite device for amplifying their listening experiences.

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