Egmore Museum re-opens, and ‘Oru Ticket Rendu Play’ is set for a big showcase!

Excitement among theatre aficionados in Chennai has been palpable ever since the Egmore Museum theatre closed for renovation in 2019
A scene from ‘Thalaivan Irukkiran’
A scene from ‘Thalaivan Irukkiran’

Get ready for a two-hour theatrical experience, featuring two exhilarating plays that guarantee abundant laughter and endless enjoyment. Showboats and Burrito Bowl Productions, two vibrant young theatre companies, join forces to deliver this grand production, aptly dubbed Oru Ticket Rendu Play, presented by Duplex.

Excitement among theatre aficionados in Chennai has been palpable ever since the Egmore Museum theatre closed for renovation in 2019. Duplex marks the triumphant return of live theatre to this esteemed venue after a four-year hiatus, promising an unforgettable evening filled with fun, cultural richness and delight.

Stills from ‘M.N. Raja’
Stills from ‘M.N. Raja’

The first play is titled M.N. Raja. With a captivating blend of humour and suspense, the story follows a quirky ensemble of roommates accompanied by their unreliable housekeeper. They grapple with an unsettling revelation that one amongst them is dead. To this house of loons; a mysterious guest arrives casting a shadow of chaos. Talking about the story’s inception, director of the play Darani Iyer tells us, “With two directors, two writers and a varied cast, the team spent a lot of time brainstorming and exploring until they found plots that really resonated with them. These plots showcased their strengths and opened the door to incorporating new visual elements onto the stage. Taking cues from the lively world of Tamil comedy; the stage writing injects the production with hilarious charm.”

A scene from ‘Thalaivan Irukkiran’
‘Hold the Mushrooms!’ offers a touching story that is both thought-provoking & emotionally resonant

Written by Vamsi Krishna Ramesh (who is also acting in the play), the cast includes Arshith Kurian, Ezhilarsan Elango, Kaushik MV, Niyanth Vidi, Rishika Srinivasan, Rajiv Kamal, Sanjeev Ram, and Subiksha Sridhar.

A still from ‘Thalaivan Irukkiran’
A still from ‘Thalaivan Irukkiran’

The second play Thalaivan Irukkiran revolves around Thalaivar Rajaraajan, an extraordinary orator, a powerful politician with a secret mission to accomplish. Confronted with a life threatening challenge, will he and his team come out alive and save the day?          

Director of the play Mukesh Ranganathan, says. “We’ve wanted to do this play for a long time. The story was conceived by Aadithya Raajan, who plays the titular character of Thalaivan Irukkiran, from which I scripted the play from my knowledge of current affairs and the current political climate.

Talking about how the idea came by, he says, “We love Crazy Mohan’s style of writing and were heavily inspired by his works in the conception of this play. We intend to pay homage to the political movies and characters that educated and inspired us with this story.”

The cast of Thalaivan Irukkiran includes Aadithiya Raajan, Paramesh Sathya, Sahana Sundar, Krithika Gunasekaran, Mugil Vanjinath, Niyanth Vidi, Dr Niraimathi, Srinithi Natarajan, and Venkatesh Pandey.

A scene from ‘Thalaivan Irukkiran’
‘The Journey’, a compilation of mono-acts, brings seven different plays by renowned playwrights

Both plays have a blend of modernism and good old theatre comedy in them. M. N. Raja is a situational comedy with a lot of conflict based on the premise, while Thalaivan Irukkiran is a political satire that will immediately connect with the Chennai audience and not only make them laugh but also think a lot about our current affairs.

We ask the directors what the re-opening of Egmore Museum means to theatre aficionados. Darani says, “The Egmore Theatre Museum stands as a cherished landmark in Chennai, holding a special place in the hearts of artistes and theatre enthusiasts alike. Over the years, it has been the stage for countless plays and performances that have not only shaped the cultural landscape but also discovered many of the exceptional actors of our time. For many, this venue is more than just a space; it holds personal significance, serving as a source of inspiration and introspection. It is where artistes reconnect with their craft, where they reignite their passion, and sometimes, where they rediscover the initial spark that ignited their artistic journey.”

Mukesh adds, “Performing a play after years in the museum theatre is truly an honour. This stage has been the birthplace to many veterans of the arts and we are extremely grateful to perform here. The reopening of this theatre means that theatre is coming back to its grand and historic home.”

Tickets start at Rs 249.

Available online.

March 17, 3 pm & 7 pm.

At Museum Theatre, Museum Compound, Pantheon Road, Egmore.

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