Did you know Bollywood star Tiger Shroff trains 12 hours a day? 

Tiger Shroff's trainer Rajendra Dhole just spilled the beans on the actor's workout regimen
Tiger Shroff's workout regimen is astonishing
Tiger Shroff's workout regimen is astonishing

Known for his suave moves, Tiger Shroff leaves no stone unturned to maintain his physique, so much so that he trains for 12 hours a day. Yes, you heard that right. His trainer reveals that the hard-working actor trains hard daily to maintain proficiency at everything he does from action, dance, martial arts, fitness, singing to acting.

Tiger Shroff's trainer, Rajendra Dhole says, "If he is not shooting, he is either lifting weights or doing kicks or his gymnastics. He basically spends 12 hours every day training for some set of skills or another whether -- dance, kicks or weights and when on a shoot when there is no gym we focus on bodyweight training and the main focus is always diet on the go".

The young actor often shows us views of his rigorous training in the gym on his social media -- be it boxing, working out or doing martial arts, he is always at it. 

With multiple franchise films under his belt, Tiger is all set to knock out the audience with his action and stunts. He is currently working on action-drama films like Heropanti 2, Baaghi 4 and Ganapath. We look forward to some great action once again in these upcoming projects.

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